Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh yes I did!

I bought P90X last spring and without running down my laundry list of excuses, I haven't broken it out until now. I won't be posting any 'before' pictures (don't want to scare the children!).

The DVDs can be combined in a few different ways to accomplish the type of workout you want. I chose the 'P90X Lean' version, with an emphasis on cardio. This morning I did the core workout and it was nuts! I have plenty of exercise DVDs and these are truly worth their price. I've always thought I had a pretty strong core but holy moly....I got schooled. I took Mike to work and lifted at gym there as well. Figured I'd keep to my 3 days a weight training as well. As long as I'm feeling capable, it can't hurt.

Last week was good. Weight training Mon-Wed-Fri and 45-60 minutes spinning Tues-Thurs. Diet's fine but have to say for the most part, that's not a real challenge for me. I exercise like a crazy woman, train more than most gals I know, but this weight that's crept up on me is stubborn and just seems to stick around. I'm looking forward to seeing how the muscle confusion workouts do for me. Healthy, happy, grateful and calm. Everything else is icing.

How was your week? All good on your end? I hope this year you'll realize your goals, stay healthy and remember to be grateful for it all!

Live passionately!