Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm dancing as fast as I can...

I'm bushed. Got to work about 10:30 (NO, I usually don't work weekends), I've got so much on my plate I didn't know how else to make a dent. Worked for an hour then met my clients. Took the V.P.'s to lunch and back in the office 4 hours later & worked until 6 Pm. Oh yeah.... the AC in our office shuts off at noon (don't get me started on the heat!). Made a decent dent so mission accomplished. Left the office and decided to go shopping and grab something to eat. Hit a little French Bistro in the mall & relaxed with a glass of wine and a salad. A young couple with a 2 year old were sitting next to me. I'm sure the poor little guy had spent far more time shopping than he wanted to, and was starting to get cranky. I had the waiter send them some little pastries/cookies once I'd left. Those are the things you love to do for others once your kids are grown! ;)

The great thing is I did not sleep in (believe me....I thought about it......hard!) Got up and out the door @ 6:15 for a run. Ran 11.3 miles, just over 10 minute pace. A little tired but otherwise felt great. Now my brain is tired... VERY tired. Tomorrow.... I will sleep in. I plan on a day filled with a whole lot of nothin!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Live passionately!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Heat Wave

The heat has been unbearable. Daily I struggle not to complain or even dicuss the just makes it worse. I read an article in the newspaper about the heat in London. The underground subway (the Tube) has no A.C., and is routinely reaching 117 degrees daily. It was hot and muggy when I was there last summer with NO heatwave. I think about seniors in this heat....babies...homeless. It's supposed to break for us by this weekend.

I've been spinning and weight training with nothing exciting in between. Work has been wicked busy and I'm finding myself close to 'zombie' stage by the time I get home. I read about everyone getting out there and 'making it happen' despite the heat. Hats off! I plan on running 10 miles Sat. morning and in to work for a few hours. Sunday...I'll collapse.

Stay Cool (and have a bitchin summer!)


Monday, July 24, 2006

Can it get any hotter?!?!?!?

Geeeeeeezzz. I can't remember the last time we had such miserable heat. HOT... HUMID. Can somebody tell me when is it gonna cool down?!

Went to Santa Barbara & the Santa Inez Valley over the weekend with 3 girlfriends. Yes, to the exact places where they filmed Sideways. I was familiar with the hotel (a cheesy Holiday Inn) and Hitching Post (where they ate). Neither of those are worth ever recommending, but the whole buzz around the movie has been good for the economy up there. A lot of small vintners/eateries able to make a decent living for a while.

Saturday morning we drove to Santa Barbara (about 1 1/2 hours), checked out the farmers market, shopped State St. (the main street) then headed for Los Olivas, which was also in the movie. Tried to get into a popular cafe with no luck. It's 110, we're hot and hungry. We stumbled upon Patrick’s Side Street Cafe. They were extremely friendly, seated us right away and best of all, had the AC blaring!

We got there at 9 and went to town. My friend Molika snapped some pics as I'm trying to soak up everything this guy is teaching me. Before I know it it's 11 and we leave so he can get back to real business. We pass on the cold beer he offers (damn.... I should have drank it!) and hit the road home.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Oh more thing!

I was in 'CERT' training all day today. My company periodically offers training to become certified in CPR, Fire & Rescue, AED use (defibrillator) etc. The training is done by employees of the L.A. County Fire/Police Dept. & SWATT Team that have formed their own training company. We have the full blown accident seen going and it's taken very seriously. Pretty cool actually. Today was my 6 month refresher course. They brought up something initiated in London after the tube bombing and it's becoming well known by these agencies here in the states. It's called I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency). Make I.C.E. a contact in your cell phone. Type a period or input a space first, then I.C.E (this will make it show as your first contact). Then plug in emergency contact numbers. You can input I.C.E. 1, I.C.E. 2, and so on. When they come to the scene of an accident, they will check your cell phone and start dialing these numbers first. Good idea, huh?

Have a great weekend! be 18.

My older son turned 18 in April. Any of you that have or have had kids this age can probably instantly relate. He's a good kid, just flexing is 18 year old (now adult) muscles. You know: house rules should no longer apply, why do I still have to call to check in....He doesn't realize his 'house' is much bigger than this home...and there will always be rules. I remember how hard it was being a teenager. Thinking I knew everything and those older just seemed to worry far to much about all the wrong things. Do they possibly have a point there?? Well, I'll always wear this 'mom' suit to some degree. I'll worry. I'll hope he leads a productive life...give back of himself. These are lessons only to be learned by him. I'm here to provide all the grace he wants and needs. To be 18 thank you. I bought this card for him yesterday:

When I Am Grown-Up

When I am grown-up I will understand how BEAUTIFUL it feels to administrate my life effectively.

Until then I will continue to TORCH all correspondence that bores me and to DANCE NAKED over the remnants of is still glowing embers.

I know he will be fine.....

Had a great workout this morning. Weights/core/stretching. Tonight the girls are taking me out for a belated birthday dinner. Yes....last month I had to update my profile to 46. (That's just 4 from 50 if anyone's else is counting...that's starting to bug me a little..) Tomorrow I'll be heading to Santa Barbara for an overnighter with a few other girlfriends. Have a great weekend everyone. Train safely & enjoy the ones you love!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's a choice.

Got a little riled in spin yesterday morning. We're all on the bike warming up and it starts..... the instructor shouts out that today is the day she's free of her husband. She used a far more colorful (& cruel) series of names, but it was undeniably him. Let the hatin begin. Another gal starts to talk about her 'ex' as well and it's driving me nuts. "Can't we take this out on the bike" I'm thinking?? It went on and on....I almost left the class. Now I'm not trying to be the proverbial fountain of all that is positive, and by no means am I saying I don't have compassion for them. I do not know what it is like to walk in their shoes, but we all know what it's like to feel deeply hurt. I would even be more understanding if they just needed to vent, but isn't there a point where we turn to a place that allows us to move on, to begin healing, to health. Sometimes our conversations are not a place we find compassion and understanding but dig up & feed the exact anger & hurt we're trying to bury. Strange some seem to relish it. Maybe they don't know how to move on, or just aren't ready. Understand I'm not judging here, just acknowledging the fact that trashing someone will not take away the hurt. Hurting that deep for any length of time is too long. I hope they can begin to move on and rise above it. It's a choice...

It got me thinking about everything we do in regards to training. Carving out insane hours to train, and sometimes waking up @ crazy times to do it. We live lives that both push and respect our physical capabilities. This lifestyle is not an accident. We do our best to rise above our perceived limitations to 'make it happen'. To rise above it all. It makes our little world a lot nicer, don't you think?
It's a choice...

Live passionately!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Did you hear that??

Love The Ghost and Mr. Chicken! I saw this in the theatre when I was 6. To this day I think Don Knotts is hilarious in it!

Well, it sure is quiet around here. Chuck was invited to the mountains for a week with a friend and his family. Rob is working, out with friends or sleeping in. I'm not afraid to be alone, in fact... I like it. But I do have a problem with this crazy heat lately, & no AC (I KNOW...I'm the only one out there with no AC!) I often think if I did have it, I'd be at work all day while my boys sat on the couch in a nice cool 40 degree house!!! Fans will work fine! ;) I can't bring myself to leave the sliding glass doors open at night while I sleep. Not afraid really...just want to be safe. And lately I find myself throwing food away....yeah, the stuff it seems I just bought because "WE HAVE NO FOOD IN THIS HOUSE". Seems like they're never around to eat it. I HATE throwing food away!! I'm starting to shop as though I'm the only one here, and I actually don't mind it. I love my boys, but sometimes...... ;)

Workout was nothing to write about....literally. Just did my thing. Found some new weight training workouts I'll start. Figured I'd lift Mon/Wed/Fri. Spin-run Tues/Thurs. Long run Sat or Sun. I'll see how that works out. Hoppin off to pack the gym bag in the car and settle into a night of reading. Have a great week!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

The healing power of...

Yesterday I met with my women's small group bible study. Same time (6:30am), same place (Panera bakery). A new gal, Tanya joined us. She's originally from South Africa (I love that accent!), happily married with two grown kids. She was so thankful to connect with a group of women she might someday call friends. She's been here 9 years, but has had a tough time connecting with anyone. Just no country... husband. As we talked, she said she was so thankful for the healing power of friendship. I thought about that all day long. All the things I find healing. The healing power of my faith, my beau, my boys..... exercise, prayer, cooking, music, laughter. These amazing bodies we occupy. The ability to heal not only ourselves, but others. Do you realize how often you do that? Heal others. A good laugh or a conversation when no one else has the time. To stop everything, just to make sure your spouse or kids understand they deserve your undivided attention and it's your pleasure to give it to them. Pretty powerful thing.... that ability to heal.

Legs feeling much better in spin class today. A little tough on those hill drills, but I love that feeling of working really hard (very healing!) 5 minutes into it I'm drenched & loving it. I'm thinkin I'll take a 'vacation' day tomorrow. Spend my entire workout working on core & stretching. I always feel so relaxed after I'm done.

I'm hoping everyone connects with what heals them, and reins it in. You and everyone around you deserves it!

Live Passionately!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem...

Hi, my name is Deb and I own to many cookbooks.

After I leave WW for a weekly weigh in (lost 2 pounds...yeah!) I'm thinking about my little 'habit' and decided to count them when I got home. Well, I'm the proud owner of 109 cookbooks! I LOVE to cook. I could spend hours looking at them, especially in a old run down used book store. That's where you come across the best ones! Ahhhh... cooking. Without sounding crazy, it's almost a spiritual thing. The washing and chopping (with a glass of wine on the side & music going) and bringing simple things together to make something wonderful. I love the whole Slow Food movement to. It started in Rome when locals protested a proposed Mickey D's to go up next to the coliseum. It's about the lost art of cooking and actually sitting down together to share a meal with each others company. What do they say??.... Good food, good wine & good friends. I would be in heaven with a table full of hungry people every night.

What made me think of this? Mary from the gym said she had just bought her 14 year old granddaughter her first cookbook. She asked me if I thought she was to young. It brought back sweet memories of my gram. She shared with me her love of cooking, and gave me my first cookbook for my 7th birthday. It's the Betty Crocker Cookbook (I still have it). Not a kiddy cookbook, but the real deal. That book sent me on a lifelong journey creating priceless memories with the people I love. I told her it was a beautiful gift, and hoped it sends her down that same path.

Spin felt great this morning. Afterwards ran 2 miles. All the while kept my HR between 140-147. Everything I've read up on says to keep lifting....need to see how/ when to work that in without lifting the day before my Tues./ Thurs spin classes. I also forgot to take in some protein after my last class, and I'm sure that contributed to that tired sore feeling. Can't forget the protein shake....gotta go look for a new recipe! ;)

Live Passionately

Monday, July 10, 2006

We've got company....

Lately I've had a slew of people from our headquarters want to ride with me for the day. I work in the field, and they'd like to see what us 'field people' do in our day. The last 2 people are actually friends of mine, so that makes it a little easier, but it still wears me thin very quickly. I'm in my car, I'm out of my car. On to the next appointment... I'm on the phone constantly. Trying to make use of 'down time' when I'm not in front of someone discussing business. With someone shadowing me....lets' just say the down time, is almost non existent. Clients are calling, she wants to know what they wanted... how was I going to take care of it? YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more day scheduled this week, then I'm going to concentrate on politely fending this honor off to one of my fellow field managers! Surprise, surprise! ;)

It was a little tough to get up again this morning, not sure what the deal is. Grabbed my cup of joe and headed out. Nothing earth shattering on the workout front. Lifted a little (avoiding the legs) with a lot of core and stretching. Let's see if my legs feel fresh tomorrow when I spin. Tomorrow I go to WW for weigh-in. Hope that scale is willing to travel just a little south and make this girl happy. Good weekend everyone? Hoping you have a great week!!

Live Passionately!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Wanted to get an earlier start this morning but the bed was feelin way to good. Yes I am definitely a morning person, but there are those mornings where it just feels so good to lay in bed half dreaming. I rolled out of bed (literally) and pushed the button, that turns on the little red light, which means in just a moment the most beautiful drink will be brewing it's way into that wonderful pot....COFFEE. MY COFFEE!! Pick my poison... Pete's, all the way. That first cup is euphoric. Control and moderation are the key.

Strapped on the Garmin and the iPod & headed off. Decided I'd use the gym as a turn around point. I stopped in to stretch and do some core work, then headed back home. Took it slow, not feeling the usual spark in my step. I did lift yesterday and think that's the issue. Nothing heavy, but enough to make my legs tired today. Gotta read up on training plans that include lifting and what they suggest. Maybe no lower body lifting is best when I'm already spinning & running? What do any of you do???

Running stats:
8.05 mi
11.3 avg pace
didn't wear my HR monitor

Now for a fun filled day of chores and errands. Good luck to everyone racing this safe and have fun ;)

Live Passionately!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Let me think a minute....

First I want to say thank all of you who read my blog, and are gracious enough to post and welcome me into your worlds! Thank you.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.
Mother Teresa

O.K..... now I've got to think a minute (or two), decide where I'd like to go and how I'll get there. You are all correct..I need to goal, a race. I'm doing the San Jose Rock & Rock 1/2 marathon but it's not until Oct. I signed up for a Super Sprint Tri in Oct as well. Without something tangible (here and now), I'm feelin a little like I'm 'goin no where fast'. Tonight I'll look through the local race mag and 'Just do it".

This morning I finished the spin class then ran 3 miles. Feeling good. There are 2 handicapped women that work out at my gym. They're always there together and always laughing. I like to tease them and tell them to keep it down. We all bust up. They are so much fun and I love that they're so excited to be there. Just to be there. Wait....let me think a minute...

Live Passionately!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I am struggling with my own disappointment. This is a difficult place to rest. I read your blogs for encouragement and inspiration. I see individuals who's strength and commitment amaze me, and those who are happy to relish in the 'training' journey. I feel like I fall short. Fall short in character (how very disappointing), fall short of respect for what is sacred. I should enjoy floating in this pool of grace & health, but somehow I disappointment myself and come up short.

My biggest disappointments are the easiest to remedy. What went For everything else I need a new plan... a vision. Join a Tri club, join a running club? In moments of disappointment, these are monumental choices. When do I break from my 'comfortable' training, that's not producing faster bike/running times? Or is it?? I lack consistency in the type of training I need to do. Am I one big ball of excuses? This stuff is pricey.... There aren't enough hours in the day.... I feel my best when I give my all to the people I can this all happen in the span of each day? old mantra. I need to find it. This disappointment is killing me.