Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rollin Rollin Rollin.......

Finally...back in the groove, and boy it feels good. Got to the new gym and spin class. This class starts at 5:45 so I can get another 15 minutes of sleep! Instructor on time...good. Music good and speakers working...good. Personable but down to business...awesome! The hour flew. Kept my HR at the high end of my max and still felt really good through the entire class.

Met the running club tonight along with my friend Judy.
5 miles
45 min
Avg HR 140

Everyone was off to pizza and beer but I passed. I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for a weekend with the girls. My friend Gloria has a cousin in the hotel business and booked us a free room at Cesar's. Vegas is not favorite place (all that smoke....losing money..I think it's a little depressing), but our friend Jamie has been wanting to go for some time so we're going to make it hapen. It'll be fun with the 4 of us.

My goal is to spin in the mornings Monday through Friday, run Monday & Thursday eves/Saturday mornings with the club. I feel so much better when I pack in the cardio. I'm running very slow & low miles so injury should be a non issue. Have a great weekend.

Live passionately!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here I go thinking again...

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."
Albert Einstein

I love this quote. There are those days that every goofy person we know (and don't know) approaches us to impart their wisdom upon us. You know the find yourself trying to make your exit with your own special way of saying "Thanks...but no thanks". I wonder how much I'd possibly learn if I hung out a few more minutes to listen. Then I snap to; to move on. ;)OooooooEeeeeeee.

Yesterday I traveled with my 5 fellow managers to Temecula Wine Country to check out a few wineries for an incentive trip we're putting together. Got home to late to run with the club. This morning I had early appointments so no spin class. Next run will be Thursday eve. It's just a couple of days off, but with all the work travel lately, I'm really starting to feel like a slacker.

I almost forgot.... Today I got my new car. My job provides quite a few nice perks, one of them being my car. A new one every year. Time to turn in my Highlander and I ordered a new 07 Camry XLE fully loaded. It really is a beautiful car and kind of nice to get into a sedan again.

Well, the couch is calling me..I've got a book I'd like to finish then I'm hitting the pillow early. Take care!


Sunday, September 24, 2006

What rock have I been under?!

Judy met me Sat morning to run with the club. Most everyone uses Sat for their long runs but we kept it to 5 miles. I wanted to run 8, but Judy's not up to more distance. Probably better for me anyway and the company makes it worthwhile. Afterwards we all got coffee and ate at The Corner Bakery.

Later I met the girls from work for wine tasting @ Morry's of Naples in Long Beach. Not sure what struck me, but I decided to have a beer first. Piraat came highly recommended and this brew is insanely good! Next we all shared flights, one of which included Banfi Brunello. I liked this one so much I'm not even sure what else was poured. A couple a months ago we all attended a charity silent auction for the Long Beach Women's Shelter where 3 of us bid on gift certificates to Morry's. Good company, laughs, and great beer/wine....all courtesy of those gift certificates!

Today there's a lot on my own 'honey-do' list. Boy..... one night you're a wine drinking queen then the next thing you know you schlepping down the hall with a load of whites! That'll keep you grounded, huh?! ;)

Live Passionately!

Friday, September 22, 2006

The darn job gets in the way...

Where did the week go?? Monday I lifted in the morning & ran 4 miles in the eve with the club. Some of these guys are pretty darn fast. I've turned down the previous invites to join everyone for a beer after the run, but Monday I took them up on it. I thought I'd pick their brains regarding their 'running story'. Everyone has one....I love to hear them. Lots of fun, and nice to start to become a familiar face in the club.

The remainder of the week was spent at our Western Region Sales Conf. All the Managers from the Western United States fly in for a little 'kumbiya', followed by far more information than any human should be forced to digest. These things end up consuming our days (and eve's). It really throws a wrench into any other plans you might have. Everday we move from one hotel conf room to another. Then the eve's are dinner and drinks. I live 5 minutes from the meeting site, but never got home at a decent enough hour to get a workout or run in. Good thing we're a close group and for the most part, everyone's glad to see each other and catch up.

Couldn't make the Thursday eve run, but Judy will be meeting me to run with the club tomorrow morning. Looking forward to getting back to my regular schedule. I am such a creature of habit. It's not that I'm inflexible....just really like to count on the 'flow' flow.

The horn blew early for me today, so I think I'll take advantage of it and see the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Tomorrow night wine tasting with the girls. Ahhhhhh....

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Thanks for showin' up!

This morning I met So Coast Road Runners for a long (or maybe not-so-long) run. 8am Newport Back Bay. This beautiful reserve is home to a lot of morning runs and rides, and leads right to the beach. About 20 people showed and I made sure to stay quiet and lay low. Very gracious people, but I am not in their league in regards to speed. No other slow pokes today, and I was happy to just 'do my thing'.

Garmin on, HR monitor on, IPod on...I swear, can I get anymore 'hooked up'? I really love the solitude of running as well, and today I let my mind wander. Ends up I wasn't alone. A few minutes into the run Mike joined me (that's the beautiful thing about imagination, huh?). We ran a while but I'm far to slow for him. We talked and laughed. We're 2 peas in a pod.

Steven showed up and there was no keeping Mike back. Steven pushes him...makes him dig a little deeper to see what he's got. He needs to do his own thing and that's o.k. It's all good. Besides, I know Mike is really runnning ahead to make sure all's good and safe for me. ;)

Next Jeff shows up and joins me. He sees a pretty girl and off he goes. Go get em Jeff!! Pap Louie and Carrie speed by...they're on a mission.

I run past my boys, ask them to join me but that's not going to happen...not today anyway. I know they're proud of me and can hear them goofing with friends saying 'Dude, that's my mom". My late husband Bob even jumps in, but only for a minute. He tells me he's proud of the job I've done without him. He's happy for Mike and I, and says the boys will be alright. He tells me to keep running....Mike will take care of the future, and he'll always have my back.

I turn another corner and there's Neese. We run and gab and laugh. I often think we'd be good running partners. Soon she's off on her own. Everyone's finished and gone, but there's Mike. He's there to run the last couple of miles with me. That's what we up, support and see each other through. What a great time, even if it was in my mind...Here are the numbers so you all know what 'we' did! Thanks for showin' up! ;)

8.6 miles
Avg pace 11:39
Avg HR 146

Friday, September 15, 2006

Thinking Outside of the Box

I've been thinking.....

Thursday morning I head for spin class. Scheduled to start at 5:30. The instructor shows about 5:35, and then the slow trickle of other ladies. We start about 5:45. I'm really looking to get an hour of spin in here! The male bashing begins. I often think if they had a better outlook, how much happier (and less lonely) they might be. Oh well... on to more of my belly aching! The music is bad...and there's something wrong with the c.d., it sounds muffled or scratched. The instructor gets off her bike, tells everyone to 'deal' with the music and then sits on the floor and chats. She says she's tired and today it's all about her!?! What the heck?!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to remember, it's my choice to be there.

Last night Judy met me again to run with the club. She's really excited about joining and I'm loving that she did! She is frustrated about the spin class to and after 3 miles of conversation, I've decided to resolve this dilemma, I need to think outside the box. My company has cheap deals for several So Cal gyms. I think I can join L.A. Fitness (nearby) for $10-15 a month. Judy had a trial membership and said their spin classes were excellent. I need to go check them out myself, and if the price is right, I'm switching. They have spin classes everyday @ 5:30 and that works perfectly for me.

Chuck got his molars out this morning. His main request was that he'd be completely out, and he got what he wanted. He came out of it fine but was in some pain. You hate to see your kids like that. No solids for a day or 2, ice, you know the drill. He wakes up and tells me he's hungry..."What sounds good Chuck? Pudding, ice cream, mashed potatoes, soup?" He whispers....Mickey D's...
I think he'll make it... ;)

Train safe and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hangin Out

Last night I went to the library and met my new running club. Almost went in to check out a book (I LOVE to read) but that was not the purpose of pulling in the parking lot. Judy from my gym said she wanted to join me! I wasn't quite sure she'd show but there she was...ready to go. Neither one of us are seasoned (let alone fast) runners, so we ran the 3 mile route. Really nice to run with someone, it sure makes the time fly by. I found out the club offers coaching as well so after I got home, I shot off an e-mail to the beginners coach to let her know I'm interested. They have track workouts on Tues. eve, but I think I'll see how all this plays into my schedule first. Not sure on my time or HR since I forgot the monitor.

This morning was spin. I rode for 45 minutes, since Brenda is having trouble with her teenage daughters (she has FOUR teenagers!?!...God bless her!) and wanted to talk in between clients. We walked over to Denny's and unloaded. Nice to have friends that can relate. Affirms you are NOT crazy! ;)

Scheduled lunch with a client today and guess where he wanted to go?.... HOMETOWN BUFFET! Lot's and lot's of not so good food. What the heck?! We could have gone anywhere...go figure. (My apologies to any fans out there!)

Tomorrow morning is my women's small group so I take that as a rest day to boot. A little spiritual balance, a little physical balance, and little mental balance. Ahhhhhh......


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Did I really say that??

I joined a local running club, South Coast Road Runners deciding this would give me the extra kick in the pants I've needed after returning from my travels (and no work outs!). We meet Monday and Thursday eves and run 3 or 5 miles. I opted for the 3 mile loop to just take it easy (not sure that treadmill running is easier or harder, but definitely different!). The weather was nice and the run was no problem. I attended the monthly meeting after the run and listened to everyone's recent racing achievements. This group has a little bit of everything and is very social. Pizza after every run. wine and cheese shabangs. I get enough of that from work so I'm not sure how much of that I'll be doing. ;) Some pretty experienced aggressive runners, and some newbie’s as well. The next morning I lifted weights at the gym and I think that broke me. YIKES, I've been sore the last 2 days! Granted a good sore, but sore all the same.

I got the bug to cook this weekend so cook I did.
Cupcake Bakeshop blog provided me with the recipe for peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes. It made 2 dozen to be exact and now I'm stuck farming them out since I don't like sweets and the boys will never eat them all. I discovered Delicious ( a new cooking magazine from the UK) and cooked up some awesome soup, a little chicken and some sides. I wish Mike were here...I know he'd be happy to help eat some of this! The frig is stuffed...and I'm hoping it doesn't go to waste.

Today I joined 3 ladies from the gym for brunch @ Memphis Soul Cafe then to The Orange County Performing Arts Center to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The play was good and the company was great.

This week I'll see how it feels to add 2 nights of running into the mix. Have a great week everybody!

Live passionately!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I can't see out the window

I seem to feel a lot like this lately....the little one who needs a leg up just to get a glimpse outside the window. Sometimes I'm even wondering where in the hell IS that big dog.....I need some help!

Rob is trying to prove his manhood in all the wrong ways (thank God for Chuck and the kid he is). My diet has gone to hell. Not that I 'diet' per say...but you know what I mean. I've worked out once since I left for Canada. My frig broke down 2 days ago (repair man scheduled today), and I just can't seem to get enough sleep. WaWaWa...

One thing I have always been adept in is a good constant attitude check. More like a reality check. It's what keeps me going. That's what I take away from my life, and I'm privedged to recognize it. My boys, Mike and I are healthy (THAT is the real gift). I have a great job. I can take a break and jump right back into working out with little or no set backs (with great gals waiting for me!) I have a wonderful partner who cherishes me. My frig breaks down when there was very little food in it...and I'm insured on the repairs. Sleep...lucky there too. I can paifully remember plenty of nights/days with no sleep and no option of it, either because of a sick husband or a baby. And the diet....let's just say it truly is 'all good'. I amaze myself on how I can thoughtlessly count these minor issues as the life altering drama's they are not. I am blessed with plenty of 'big dogs' in my life, and frankly never have to ask for help....they're just there.

Tonight I'll turn out the lights about nine and jump right back into the routine I love so much. There's always another day and the curtains are wide open.

Live passionately!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Iron Man Canada

Mike & his friend Steven (who came up to volunteer)the afternoon before the race. We found an awesome little cafe and relaxed outside.

Mike tested the water with a quick pre-race swim the morning prior to IMC.

Mike and I the morning of the race. The mornings are no problem for me.....for Mike, it's another story! ;)

Mike and his friend Kevin. These guys met a few years ago and IMC and have kept in touch. Pretty cool.

Here's a pic of the pro's warming up before the canon sounds. I really love this time of morning and the 'stillness' of it all.

Mike 'comin home'. He was disappointed since his PR there was 10:41, but considering these final stats... I'd say it was still a VERY good day!

Total time: 11:15:05
Age Group: M40-44
Division Place: 52/314
Swim Time: 1:10:04
Bike Time: 5:35:30
Run Time : 4:21:25

Live Passionately!

Friday, September 01, 2006

It's good to be home... I think.

Flew home today from San Antonio. Our National Dealer Meeting was a 3 short days with lot's going on. I work for Toyota/Lexus and all our dealers (and spouses) from all over the country attend. Someone said there was over 4K there. Toyota built a huge truck plant in San Antonio where we'll be building the new Tundra. After the business meetings, we have entertainment. Jeff Foxworthy was the M.C., as well as Terry Bradshaw. Both were pretty funny. Then a little rodeo followed by a concert with the Eagles. Then we moved on to the convention center for the new car salon, showing all the new cars, trucks and concept cars. This was much bigger than usual. Thankfully, you can always count on plenty of sushi, shrimp and prime rib. "I love what you do for me"! ;) Yesterday morning we had a few free hours so I checked out the River Walk and the Alamo, which were pretty cool.

The Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team was there and I had my pic taken with Sean Sullivan from Australia. He's 6'3" and bent way down for this pic. We were both cracking up. They had 2 bikes set up on Compu Trainers for anyone to ride. If you reached and maintained a certain pace, you won a cycling goody bag (socks, etc.) I didn't even try, the bikes were just too big! ;)

As soon as Mike forwards me pics from Iron Man Canada, I'll post them.

My older son is really being difficult. I know growing up is hard and it's got to be even tougher without his dad, but I can only be 'mom' and this world is going to keep spinning regardless of our circumstances. I feel like I've done everything I can to equip him to be a everything and anything he wants to be in life, but I keep falling short (or he does...or we both do). I am really at the end of my rope. I'm not quite sure how it got to this point. I'm constantly being told "you're doing the right thing", but sometimes it sure doesn't feel like it. Normally when I know I'm doing the right thing, there's immediate results.....right thing = good results now. Maybe that 'now' part is what I have trouble with. To all of you who have (had) teens, cross your fingers and say a prayer for both he and I. For all of you that don't.....I'm jealous...