Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A little of this....a little of that

I'm back into a routine and it feels nice. Placing more importance on doing what I can when I can, and not being so obsessed with it all. I am feeling more relaxed.

Monday: Spin 1 hour
avg HR 135

Tues: weights/abs full body
15 min treadmill and 1 hour weights

Wed: Off
Meet my Women's small group

to come.....

Thurs: Spin 1 hour

Friday: weights/abs full body

I've been unable to make a yoga class this past week & a half, and really want to schedule the time for that as well. It feels great, but like everything else I need to make the time. The earliest AM class is just a little to late for me.

There may be some welcome movement in my office which would change my territory. Although I really like all my dealers, it would be nice not to make the trip into L.A. every week...that traffic is wearing me down.

Taking more & more off my plate each day and shedding the weight of everything unimportant, takes effort in itself. Baby steps... ;)

Live passionately!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Prepare yourself.

Well, for some bizarre reason I cannot sleep. Been waking up every hour on the hour and it was driving me nuts so to hell with it... get up (3AM!), sign on the computer and the next thing you know I'm posting. Then...I start thinking.

"Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer."

-Ernest Holmes

We all have our passions. We face life's races in our own arena's. We are busy, tired and sometimes trying to juggle it all just to dig our spiritual forks in and take a bite. Reaching deep and inch a little closer to whatever our goals are. I love it! To be so passionate that our goals stare us square in the eyes (but don't stare us down). When it's all comsuming we forget how to prepare. We forget to train properly, forget form, even our safety. I believe we are all here to receive the best life has to offer. It's what whispers in our ear to register for that next race or take on something new. See what can be done. To acknowledge what it will take to get there and to understand we are capable. Health, happiness & peace. May all life's best be yours. Prepare for it!

Live passionately!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I's been a while.

I needed a break. Badly.

My test results came back and you know what they said?...YOU'RE TIRED. No fooling?! I'm in 3rd stage adrenal fatigue, which I'm told usually takes years of high stress/emotional situations for your body to get to. O.K., that applies here. My thyroid seems to have taken a little vacation as well. Blah blah blah...Continue with diet, supplements and cut back a little on exercise for now. Add more yoga, make some lifestyle changes and relax . I think I will.

Last Wednesday I got on a plane to Portland to see my man. I thought I'd have a few days to cook and spoil him a little bit (which I love to do...but don't tell him that, he might get used to it!). He wanted nothing to do with it. Nope. He planned a little road trip to Seattle! To properly kick off our road trip, we decided to check out the highly rated Ken's Artisan Pizza. YUM is RIGHT!!
We got to Seattle Friday morning, tooled around the city and ate far to much (our usual M.O.). We got a great Hotel in the Queen Anne part of town, visited the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and in between, hit a Tri shop. It's fun to watch Mike checking out all the 'toys'. Great vice to have, huh? Seattle (like Portland) has so many great neighborhoods I could spend days checking them all out.

We got home Saturday night and was lucky enough to celebrate ST Paddy's Day with Steven and his wife Karen. What a great time! We hit Rock Creek Tavern for a few beers, burgers and my new favorite...CAJUN TOTS! Don't ask, its better if you don't know, you could get hooked!
Mike and I spent the rest of our time hanging out in Portland. Mike found a cool new wine bar Vino Paradiso. The food and wine was incredible. We eat alot, huh?

Monday afternoon came around far to quickly. It was such a great trip, even the flight home was quick and smooth.

This relaxing thing is kind of should try it. ;)

Live passionately!

Friday, March 09, 2007

What's up Doc?

O.K. I've been sticking to my Naturopathy Dr.s advice on the supplements and diet and am still very exhausted. I didn't expect any overnight miracle, but man I miss that cup of coffee. It's been extremely clean eating for me, herbal tea and much more rest than I'm used to getting. I was hoping for a little extra kick out of all this. Do I sound like an A-type personality to you??

I went to yoga class last Sun, Mon and Tues eves and really enjoyed it. I thought it might be hard to 'settle down' for and hour and a half, but the time really flew. I want to check out as many teachers as possible to see who I like. My back and core feel much better.... limber & strong.

Woke up yesterday with a little tickle in my throat turning into a fire last night. I got to the walk in clinic @ 8:59(1 minute before they closed!). I wanted to make sure I didn't have strep. All's clear and I've got the flu. The gave me Tamiflu (anti viral) which is supposed to cut the sick time in half. Feeling better today but not 100%. I see the Dr. Mon eve and get test results. This exhaustion stuff has got to go!

With all the 'boo whoo's' I can come up with I've got it pretty darn good. The grace and gifts I've been blessed with amaze me. My glass is alwayshalf full.

Live passionately!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mission accomplished.

Last week I joined Triad Yoga for a 2 month special they were running. Thought that would be a perfect amount of time to 'test drive' the different classes and see what I thought. This morning I headed over for the 1 hour Matt Pilate's class and all is good. At first, I thought I might not get the workout I was looking for, but about 1/2 way through I was starting to 'glow'. I was able to follow the teacher and control all the movements which made me feel good. I left feeling strong and limber. I'll start back to spin tomorrow then check out a couple of yoga classes during the week.

I'm starting to feel a little more relaxed but still haven't left for the vacation I desperately need. I've got to just up and &'s the only way it'll happen. My next appointment with my Dr. isn't for another 1 1/2 weeks and I'm thinking I'll move it up since she should have test results back by now. Impatience.... it always gets me.

Hope you all have wonderful weeks and get YOUR missions accomplished!

Live passionately!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Is this what it's like??

I haven't done a thing in the way of exercise since last Thursday. If I wasn't in so much pain it would have drove me nuts, then I felt better and it did..... now I'm kind of easing into a more relaxed approach. There are so many hours in the day, and God knows I certainly don't want more! I'm really focusing on slowing down...not being so busy. I seem to clutter my life with things and activities I claim are important (or at least the outcome produced) but I wasn't getting the results wanted & never consistently felt good. I think this rest time was needed. I'll start back next week, but not with a vengeance.....I just don't need to.

Then, there's the other woman....the one that's getting the attention I want & need. Yes, I'm jealous.
She's brand new and she belongs to Mike...all of her. Sure, she may be sleek, light as a feather and beautiful as hell....but at the end of the day can she have an intelligent conversation with him? Share a cup of coffee at Barnes & Noble? Make him laugh? (Damn...maybe so...this is starting to hurt!) Well, I'm not worried. Her tires will go flat, her paint will chip and someday, yes someday....she'll be replaced. I'm here for good. ;)

Live passionately!