Friday, March 31, 2006

Glass half full...

Hit the weights this of my best workouts in a while. Thanks to Sean's mention of P90-X, I read up on muscle confusion and applied a little 'confusion' to myself...Not sure exactly what the X program includes and won't bore anyone with my specific exercises, but here's how I mixed it up..

4 sets/15 reps every time. 1st set a warm up @ lower weight. Add on an extra 10 or 20 depending on what I'm doing, and 2 more sets. Final set back to warm up weight. Very little rest in between. I felt it. Now, I am not a slight little thing, nor am I stocky....I guess I'm 'solid'. My goal is to get lean..not built up (and yes, contrary to what the experts say...I believe us girls can get a little too bulky if we choose to...) Maybe it's not just what I'm doing but how I do it, that'll be the kick in the pants my body needs. I knew that... maybe I just needed to type it.

I planned on riding tomorrow, but the chance of rain might kill it. Sunday should be good for a run.

I love that we have the opportunity and privilege to get up everyday with a clean score card...just itchin to give it my best. My glass is half full...I am blessed.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

How do You Spell Relief?

Great workout this morning. Hopped on the treadmill about 5:15 and when the dust settled, the odo read 9 beautiful miles. Now, I know to some of you that may be chicken feed, but to me it's great. It means I keep going, I don't give up. Not how far but how often, I like to say. A little extreme? Not for me and I'll take it. I admire everyone that makes fitness a way of life. To be o.k. with the recovery days as much as the training days, is where most people get caught up. We all find our way and it falls into place. That's a beautiful thing! I'm thankful that I'm healthy, content for the most part, and in fairly good shape for a gal heading into the 'getting closer to 50' age bracket.

Been getting lucking lately with Brenda at the gym. Her client cancelled and she offered to stretch me. Kaaaa-Ching! She worked me for about 20 minutes and it was awesome! I'm pretty flexible, but you can really notice an improvement when you've stretched after a run and you're warmed up. Not only do I feel a difference in my recovery, I walk differently as well. I feel taller, more aligned and stable.

Tomorrow is weight training and I think I'll go a little easy since I plan to ride on Sat., then a run on Sunday. I want to push it a little harder on both of those days and work some different muscles. Hard, but not too hard. Make sense??

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Membership has it's rewards...

Wednesday is the weekday I sleep in. 5:15 is a sweet thing... I lead a women's small group bible study which meets @ 6:30 in the local coffee hole. Awesome, eclectic, unique women. The more different things are...the better. I LOVE diversity. The House of Blues had a poster that read "Embrace Diversity" but they stopped making them before I could get my hands on one...bummer.

Work was crazy. I'm on the road most of the day and lately I think there's a sign on my bumper saying "getter". I'm dodging these nuts all day, and when you throw a few sprinkles in, everyone loses it. YIKES!

After work, into the gym for 5 mile run on the treadmill. I'm usually beat by the end of the day so I work on speed intervals, hit 5 clicks and get out. Funny...different crowd in the eve's. Lots of weary faces with smudged mascara and a look that screams "I'm spent". I wish I could make & deliver dinner to each of their homes so they'd have one night off. Maybe they'll go home, steal their husbands and get a little crazy...(make em feel like they're alive!). I hope they’re not beyond it… REMEMBER TO GET CRAZY! Brenda (personal trainer-friend) offers to train with me in the Pilates studio...suddenly I'm not so tired! I love that sore ache in my abs when we get done. I feel so strong and centered. I always think I can do more…be better. Not a bad goal as long as you keep it balanced in the whole enchilada of life. I need to look for ways to mix up the morning workouts. Getting bored. Time to hit the zillion Running/Pilates/Yoga/Weight Training books in my library for a new plan. I am so bad at that. Get into the habit of the same thing over and over. My mantra of the day (and only today…want to leave my options open!): Keep focused on the right priorities. Do it right and have fun doing it. I'll always be working on it...and that's half the fun.

Live Passionately!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Price Per Pound

Woke up easy enough this morning. Truthfully, the 4:45 alarm is getting easier and easier. Ran 2 miles then lifted for an hour. GREAT workout. Would love to get into the Pilates studio and work out on a reformer, but nooooooo...that's not allowed. Gym members can only use the room if they are training with a personal trainer. ?? I'm being robbed!!!!!

Went to WW and lost another pound. I'm good as long as the needle moves down! I'm 4'10" and fairly small to start with so to drop 8 lbs, I've really gotta work for it (making my price per pound lost higher and higher) The weekly weigh ins make me accountable to someone. Gotta do it...

I keep bantering back in forth as to what races I'd like to run. I really enjoy the whole atmosphere of a race. People sharing the same lifestyle of health and fitness. Doing something they absolutely love...feeding their passion! Everyone with their families supporting them (what a great way to raise those kids). In So Ca., there's a race just about every weekend. No excuses to not get out there!

I've just re-kindled friendships with a local group of guys that ride. I met them on a ride about 1 year ago and soon became "their girl". They should have kept riding (as I am not in their league), but they decided to end their ride and share a cup of Joe with me at the local coffee shop prior to heading home. After meeting up with them recently, I was made aware I'd broken a new tradition they'd hoped to continue. That's a good reason to get back on the bike, huh? Really good guys....

Another day presents the opportunity to excel, to be our best physically, spiritually and as human beings. Hope you all took advantage of it!

Monday, March 27, 2006


Up and Adam! 4:45AM the alarm rings. My best friend (KRUPS programmable coffee pot) is brewing my own little cup of heaven while I pull on my tights and lace up the shoes. I make it to the gym a little late and Brenda, a personal trainer and friend, asks me where I've been. ?????!

My gym is a girlie gym. All women and I love it. Not for any other reason but the 'sisterhood' ( a fine looking buck would sure take my mind off the treadmill miles). It's the regular crowd this morning. I've got to get the IPod plugged in before everyone wants to chat about the weekend and the next thing you know it's time to hit the shower, and any hope of working out is a distant memory.

Perfect day with just the right amount of polite talk... an invitation to a concert, a GNO to celebrate Judy's 50th, the reminder from Brenda to pencil in a date for a day at the local hot springs. I hop on the treadmill and do intervals. I LOVE intervals. It's the only thing that keeps me sane. I run 5 miles and call it a day. I'm sweatin like a mad woman (I sweat A LOT). I get on the floor and do some mat Pilates and abs, then stretch. The gym is slowly clearing out. Ladies heading back home to relieve their husbands with the kids. Send husbands off to work. Take kids to school...the drill. Even though I've been there, it never ceases to amaze me. Hat's off to these gals! Me, I hit the shower and get ready to brave another day. I'm happy, healthy and alive. Tomorrow is my WW weigh in day. As long as the needle doesn't move upward, it's all good.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's all about balance

I have always documented my workouts...for years now. I'm the girl they tease in the gym. Writing everything down, appearing as though some day I'll get it right. Some I have kept, especially the ones that marked turning points in my life and how working out/running kept me sane. Most of them made their way to the recycling can, where I hoped they might someday end up as the perfect blank sheet of paper used by someone else in documenting their journey. And the cycle continues. Can I dream???
With each run/workout we leave our legacy, our commitment to fitness...our commitment to health. I myself need to be live consciously... to remember it is my honor to care for this beautiful temple God has given me. My training log page is blank today. It feels good...right. I have a new optimism with my training. A sense of being grounded..centered...encouraged by renewed friendships. That is what's most important here. It's all about balance.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Saturday morning came and boy was it a good one! I workout everyday @ 5AM prior to clockin in, and absolutely love it! I can't (and wouldn't want to) imagine my day without it. My usual Saturday mornings consist of a little more sleep and hitting the gym @ 7, but yes.....this morning was different. I woke up early and decided it was just feeling to good, so slept in a little longer. Soooo unlike me..Up already!....I'm out of my routine!!....I'm wasting the day away!!! Got up about 8:30 . I know to some of you this is still an un-godly hour.....and yes, I vaguely remember the days when I felt the same way. They are long gone and a bitter sweet memory. These days are good, and franklly, just keep getting better.
I got dressed and decided this was the day to get myself out into the beautiful sunlight. Run outside? What a unusual concept. I also have a road bike which looks beautiful in my living room right next to the fireplace. Can't figure out how to set magazines or a cup of coffe on it yet & I need to change that (thanks guys for the inspiration!).This morning was the day for this 'green pea' to make her way back out into the world and go for a run. Got dressed, peeked out at the beautiful day and made my way into it. Felt great. Now, I am no speed freak, sometimes just grateful to put in a few miles and say I enjoyed it when I'm done. Today was that day! 7 miles and feeling awesome. Such small steps for such a big feeling of success! Passed a few young bucks on the run looking pretty fit. "Oh, what a feeling". Walked in the door and gazed dreamily at that beautiful red road bike in my living room. Maybe tomorrow..... this green pea will take it one day at a time.