Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Plan B

What's Plan B?? I have no idea...

Just checking in to read my favorite blogs. Been busy taking care of Rob after a few rough post surgery days. It's finally starting to get better but I'm not in a place that I can work out right now.

It's all good..(& there's always tomorrow!). ;)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Please remember them.

This was posted by a fellow blogger. I was so moved I had to post it here to.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let's keep it movin..

Today Rob had his knee surgery. Going in, the Doc says it will take about 2 hours to fix the ACL, front tibial and the inside meniscus. Turns out (3 1/2 hours later) that the both the inside and out meniscus were torn. Lovely... He came home with quite a bit of leg/knee "hardware" and won't be doing much moving around for about a week. He's in a lot of pain & that kills me.

The cruise was a nice get away. When I wasn't required to be out with our guests, I was in my room reading and relaxing. The weather was pretty crummy the entire weekend...cold, cloudy and trying hard not to rain.

Light on the workouts...they go like this:

Thurs: 55 min elliptical zone 1 & 2
40 min weights, lower body

Friday: 60 min elliptical zone 1

Tues: 40 min elliptical zone 1 & 2
40 min weights, upper body

Tomorrow I'll get to the gym, into work for a couple of hours, then come back home to stay with Rob. The 2-3 days after surgery is usually the most painful and I'm hoping it's not too bad for him.

Sometimes I feel a little silly blogging my workouts, especially when compared to all of you! I'm not training for an event. I have no specific goals except to stay strong, get leaner and retain that thread of sanity I'd like to think I still hang on to. Am I dancing aimlessly with no direction, or dancing joyfully & content? I'm not always sure, but I figure either way.....I'm dancing. ;)

Live passionately!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It ain't over!

I'm really starting to notice a difference in how I feel. Much more rested and less stressed. It was starting to feel hopeless....like I had no choice but to surrender to this constant state of fatigue as my norm. I really miss the coffee, but I think that was making a pretty big contribution to my woes. I'm really liking my workouts to. I have a sense of purpose without a feeling of overkill. Not much difference in my body fat composition, but with age I think we (women) tend to 're-distribute' and need to focus on managing what we've got. Health, balance & passion. These fuel me.

Sunday: day off

Monday: 55 min T1 elliptical

Tuesday: 45 min T1/T2 intervals on elliptical + 40 min upper body weights & abs

Wednesday: day off (meet with my women's small group..gotta fuel that soul to!)

Jump ahead -

Thursday: 50 min T1 elliptical + 40 minutes lower body weights & abs

Friday: 55 min T1T2 intervals on elliptical

Friday morning after my workout I'll head down to San Pedro to board the
Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas for a 3 day jaunt down to Mexico for work. Today I found out there are very few 'planned events' for our guests, which means much less 'schmoozing' time required from me. YeeeHaaaa!!!!!! All the better!

It's hard to slow down and even tougher when we're used to a certain level of activity. 'Rest to gain' is a tough concept for me. I'm not quite feeling 100%, but certainly much better. It ain't over!!

Live passionately!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

You know who you are.....

Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there that 'make it happen'! Family, jobs and our homes. That's a lot of love to spread around and it ain't easy. I have incredible respect for all you do, & thanks.... I'm in good company!

Here's the weeks workouts:

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 45 min on eliptical, intervals Z1 & Z2. 40 min weights, lower body.

Friday: 1 hour on eliptical, zone 1, nice and easy.

Saturday: 25 mile ride.

Feeling more rested these days. I'm pretty sure the amount of coffe I was drinking(a lot), as well as hammering through every spin class was just digging my hole deeper.

Blessings to all the mom's with us here and those who are waiting for us in heaven!

Live passionately!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The fog is lifting......

It's seems like forever since I've felt good and finally the fog seems to be lifting. Lot's happening which has forced me to slow down a bit in other areas...Chuck turned 17 last Friday, hoping to get Rob's knee surgery scheduled this week, completed my V02 testing which was nice. I love looking at the numbers and getting a plan. Pretty cool set up. A training plan is programmed with my personal data along with how often/long I plan to do cardio, then it's printed out on cards (business card size) that are dated with that days workout on them. Take the card with me, work out, toss it. Nice.

Last Saturday I rode with my friend Brian. We took the local bike path down to Laguna Beach, got a cup of coffee and headed back. The weather was beautiful & the company was motivating. I see more riding in my future. Thanks Brian, you're the best! Lifting 3 days a week and cardio 5 days at a much lower HR is seeming to agree with me more. As much as I love spin, I was going all out each class and I'm sure that was contributing to my fatigue.

Quite a bit of travel (work & fun) coming up so I'm focusing on my needs, relaxing and making the most of it. Funny how we can neglect our own needs, huh? I know I do. I've got to change that.

Take care of yourselves &

Live passionately!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

No more...no less

The weekend is near and looking forward to chillin. I've been hitting the gym everyday, and the new training routines the trainer has provided are going very well. I'm still incredibly fatigued and can't seem to get enough sleep.

My older son Rob called me while I was in Boston to tell me he fell skateboarding. Nothing broken, but in pain and needed to get to urgent care. We managed that over the phone then said I'd take him into the Dr. when I got home just to make sure all was o.k. Long story short.... the kid has what the doc called the 'tragic trio'! He tore his ACL, Meniscus and Tibial and needs surgery. We're talking 1-2 months off work (thank goodness he'll be able to start school the end of May) 6-8 months physical therapy and 7-9 months before he can surf, snowboard, etc. That was last Thurs. The doc gave him a new anti inflammatory which caused an allergic reaction and Sat., (his 19th birthday) we spent in the E.R. Prednisone I.V. and six hours later sent home. He wasn't happy....Now to get the surgery scheduled and move on. Good news is he registered for college and starts the end of this month and everything on the home front is good.

My Chuck turns 17 tomorrow. He got a job offer for a summer lifeguard but then discovered the hours would be slim so he's considering his other 'career' options. Hmmm....Target, Ace Hardware, Office Depot, busboy...the possibilities are endless. ;)

This was the 3 of us a couple of years ago and it's one of my favorite pictures. Granted...Both of them have grown a good foot and now they shave...but this brings back beautiful memories.

Now the exciting news..... I won a 4 day cruise to Mexico at work! It's a dealer incentive trip and we had an internal contest for 'hosts'. Although it's considered work and I'll be entertaining, it'll be very nice to get a break.

So as I think of how I'd like my life to change, how much is or isn't on my plate or what I can do to feel better, I remember that I always have exactly what I need. No more, no less. That'll do!

Live passionately!