Sunday, December 31, 2006

Slowin' Down..

This last week was awesome. Mike flew down on the 22nd and left this morning. It was great to spend the week together with friends and family for the holiday. We took my mom Blanch, her beau Ray and Hatsu (Mike's mom) to breakfast on Christmas Eve. What a group! It was the first time I met my mom's beau and he seems like a great guy. Very good to her and they enjoy each other's company so all the more to her!

Here are the girls...

Here's Mike with Hatsu and another of her and I....not often I can take a picture with someone the same height as me! LOL!

Of course Chuck had to be ridiculously goofy in the few pic's I got, (strange for a 16 year old, huh?), so his are on hold.

All my best to everyone in the new year. This is where we realize our true gifts. The gift of challenging ourselves with new goals, improve our health, build better & stronger relationships,and helping others along the way in accomplishing whatever it is that's important to them.

Live Passionately!

Friday, December 22, 2006

THAT'S what it's all about..

Mike's flight should land in about 2 hours. He took the train into Portland Airport and tells me a story about a woman he met there. She was older, and left her purse on the train. The airport wouldn't let her on her flight without I.D. She couldn't get money from her I.D. she wanted to take a bus back home but no money. Mike tried to buy her bus ticket but she was too embarrassed or proud or just felt awkward, and before he could buy it, she left.

My point is, he was 'living' Christmas. Don't you love that? He volunteers at the food bank, he sees someone in need and steps up. I have known my man for about 15 years (so he reminds me ;)..) and I love the person he's become. He's always been painfully compassionate, caring, in tune. The older we get the more comfortable we are in our skin.

I have not talked to my older son in quite some time. I think 'what could I have done better...differently'. And although my younger son is doing great, there is a hole in my heart. Time and faith are what I lean on. I am so thankful and blessed with a great partner. I want everything I do and say to reflect it. I need to 'live' Christmas more.

Blessings to all of you this holiday season and warmest wishes to fulfill all your goals in 2007!

'Living''s a beautiful thing!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

To your health!

Boy is it nice to get back to the gym. Last 2 mornings I was able to get in an hour of spin followed by weights /core/stretching. I love that feeling of getting a good workout in!

Although my mouth was really so minor in the big scheme of things, it set me back. One week of no working out was driving me nuts. It reminded me of how fortunate I am to have my have a healthy partner and kids, and when the ones we love can no longer claim their health, they are taken home where sickness or pain does not exist.

Appreciate everyday that you can lace up, or get on that bike or jump in the pool. And the next time you have a chance to raise your glass, make a toast.... To your health!

Live Passionately!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

One long week...

Not much to report on the training end of my world. My mouth was pretty sore so I took Monday & Tuesday off. At work on Wednesday we had our annual holiday luncheon for all of our dealers (Toyota & Lexus). Although I tried (really!), I spoke far too much and went home with a wicked headache and sore mouth. Thursday was much better and yesterday I felt great. This weekend will keep me busy with holiday parties, both work and personal. One last night, one this morning, tomorrow afternoon and then another in the evening. Next week a few more than, ahhhhhhhhh.....done. Mike's coming in Friday for a relaxing week together.

The biopsy on my mouth takes 1-2 weeks, but saw the doc on Thurs. and she said although what they removed didn't look 'normal', it certainly didn't look like cancer. Thank God! She thinks it was possibly bone and little teeth...why they decided to grow now and so quickly who knows.

Logged all my workouts for next week....time to get back in the swing of things. I hope everyone is slowing down, enjoying your family and loved ones, centering on a life of peace and gratitude!

Live Passionately!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Liquid Gold

Well, the 'little procedure' is over. A friend from work took me and waited at the oral surgeon, then got me home. What a sweetheart. Friday was a blur, painful and swollen. Today is another story. Most of the swelling gone and just a killer headache remains. I think it's mostly the appliance I'm wearing (covering the quarter size hole in the back of my mouth) that's giving me the blues. Soft diet and this appliance for 2 weeks....everything liquid is gold.

Mike calls to check on me, checking the possibilities of a fight (that would tell him I'm feeling better!) I'm not quite up to it but I'm building my reserves, so when the feelin hits me, watch out! ;)

This is giving me time to rest, finish my shopping (online), catch up on blogs, plan future workouts, grateful. In the big (or small) picture, this was an inconvenience. I'm sure the biopsy will check out O.K., then I've got fightin to do! ;)

Live passionately!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I AM NOT a baby!

First off, let me say thanks for your kind words regarding my little procedure tomorrow. I'm sure I sound like a baby, but really.... I'm not! I'm hoping it's over and I'll be saying "That was it?". I'm usually not this skitsoo about myself, but I think being a single parent brings a whole other set of concerns into the picture.

On the training front, it's been going well....really well.

Tues: weights/upper body & 1 hour spin
Wed: Day off to meet with my Women's Small Group
Today: weights/lower body & 1 hour spin
Manana: weights/upper body and lots of stretching & core work.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday & a great weekend!

Live passionately!

Monday, December 04, 2006

It's Nothing......

It's nothing... I hope. No, I'm sure...or I'd like to think I am. Being a caregiver to my late husband for most of our 15 year marriage presented me with a strong daily dose of reality. It can be very tough on everyone involved. I've always frowned upon those who might have what I considered a minor health challenge and did nothing but complain, or seemed to relish in the situation. Much needed attention maybe? Never understood it. Well, let me say I am much better at the caregiver part of life than the girl on the other end. This oral surgery on Fri. should be very minor, but I worry still. What if this thing is more than just a lump? What about the boys...Mike. Silly, I know, but I still worry...just a little. But then I think, if all I have to worry about is some discomfort and a lisp, I've got it made.

Meanwhile, I've got training A.D.D. again. I've started lifting everyday, alternating upper and lower body workouts. Haven't done any weight workouts in a while and after what seemed like a good lower body workout last Thurs., I could barely walk! What happened?? I decided I'd better keep up with it and get up earlier (4:30 will do it) so I can weight train then spin afterwards. Weight training is so important, especially as we get older. Still spinnin like a banshee & loving it.

Hope you all have a great week & kudos’ to all of you out there training in those harsh winter conditions! Be safe and make it fun!!