Thursday, August 31, 2006

There's a little Iron Man in all of us.

IMC is done... I often think about how overwhelming it can be. Athlete's do all they can to train and prepare. Even the most seasoned Iron Man athlete's find themselves at the mercy of the days uncontrollable events. I know I try to do everything I can for Mike , but at the end of the day, it belongs to him. Sometimes, yes.... I even get a little selfish about it. Races are no place for a selfish supporter, but it sure is nice to know you're appreciated. It makes me feel like I can't do enough for him, and that is my favorite part of a race.

His finishing time was 11:15. Disappointing for him to say the least, since he P.R.'d there with a 10:41. Work has restricted his training tremendously this last year, but I think he's finally settling in and can get back to that 'happy place' of balance in his training. What a 'personal' science this is.... too little or not enough volume, change in nutrition, continually testing what works best for you. Most of us physically train far more than the 'common man' would imagine (or care) to do. It's important we all remember that each training/race day is a blessing in itself.

He hasn't been feeling well on top of it all, and gave me a little scare after the race with a trip to the med tent. I'm used to seeing him tired and not too social ;), but never sick. Dehydrated and throwing up, he hung out in the med tent for a while, then was able to walk away feeling a little better. His training buddy Steven came up to volunteer and sign up for next year. What a great guy. I'm so glad Mike has found such a cool training partner. I think they compliment each other well. Steven was nice enough shuttle us around a little bit and help Mike after the race. Back at the hotel, I got Mike into bed, his legs iced then headed out to pick up our take out order of spaghetti, salad and garlic bread. He was feeling much better and polished off all of the spaghetti. Once he's feeling better....I feel better. I took plenty of pics I'll post once I get home.

I'm sitting in the business center of the Crown Plaza Hotel in San Antonio. Got up and ran 3 miles before the day gets started. Long day yesterday and wish I would have slept in this morning (especially with the 2 hour time change). Getting home I flew from Penticton to Vancouver, Vancouver to Los Angeles. Then turned around the next morning to fly from Orange County to Dallas to San Antonio. Tomorrow I fly back home. Lot's of air miles in a small amount of time. Spending time with Mike makes it all worth while. Heading back to my room to get ready for the day. No meetings planned until this afternoon, so I think I'll go check out the Riverwalk.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?

Well, the bag pipes played, the Canadian Anthem sung and the canon has gone off. They're all out for a nice little 'training day'. At least that's what Mike calls it...and then I heard someone else saying it...then someone else. I guess that's the way you have to look at it. You train hard and invest your everything, then head out hoping for the best training day ever.
We got up at 4 so we could get the guys in and settled @ 5. We hooked up with Mike's friend Kevin (they met at IMC a few years ago) and his girlfriend Jessica to head down together. Nice they're at the same hotel, and are a fun cool couple. I love the swim start here. It's truly majestic. It was pretty crowded and I couldn't see above or beyond the people in front of me, so Jessica stayed to watch and take pics, while I took off for Main St to snag a spot on the curb. Good thing...the crowd got thick real fast. Jessica never found me, but I did get a great picture of Mike on the bike. With a swim start of 7, he was down pedaling past me at 8:11, so I'm guessing his swim was just over an hour. His IMC P.R. is 10:41, so I praying he beats that. The conditions are perfect. No wind, lake is like glass. It's been pretty warm, so I'm hoping today is milder.
Here I am back at the hotel to shower and hang out for a little while. I can hear the announcer from the room. Most of the people in town are very proud and supportive of the athlete's. Very cool vibe here. Think I'll head out in a few hours and try to catch him at T2. There's nothing like seeing that face come around the corner and head out. We've kind of had a running joke about the finish line. Countless races I've been there cheering him on when he didn't hear a thing. Frankly, I'd get a little hurt by it. I'd say "didn't you hear me"? What the heck?!..... Doesn't he realize I'm there for him...supporting him? Can you hear me NOW?! It's o.k., I understand . It no longer crosses my mind. Of course he knows.
Pics to come!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Free Yourself!

O.K..... so I have a little shoe addiction. Just look at those beauties! Papa Louie was asking about the Nike Free and here's my testimonial. I LOVE these shoes! Probably shouldn't since my feet are as flat as a board, and this shoe offers almost zero support. They are extremely comfortable and make it nearly impossible for me to run in anything else. I do run in Nike SHOX for distances beyond 10 miles (ok... those runs are not an everyday thing for me) but I have to say other shoes make my feet feel 'constricted'. I have 2 other pairs not in the pic (one always in the car and another in the gym bag). It doesn't hurt that I have a personal connection that takes care of me! ;) I do suggest you try them at a local running store. They aren't for everyone.

Some days I wake so easily it scares me. This morning I beat the alarm and was up @ 4:30. Nice to peacefully wake and get to the gym ready to go. Started spin early, which is always nice. No one in the room...time to think about the day ahead. I see my reflection and realize how blessed I am with my health. Just to be there riding. Our health is everything. I rode like a mad woman. Lot's of frustration to ride out. Yesterday was 5 years since Bob passed. It was a strange day. In a kind of funk...just not feeling centered. Today is another story. Not sad. Looking at today. I have a life time of new anniversaries to celebrate. I won't forget, just a nice place to let go.

I swear.... I think I sweat more than any woman should, but I always feel so good I've worked hard for it. I took tomorrow off and have a lot to get done before I leave for IMC Thursday (like pack!). Funny how a shoe can make you feel free, or an attitude, or grace, or just time. It's nice to be here.

Off to Canada and see you next week... ;)

Live passionately!

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Red Head!


As for the new do.... Here's the before and after. It's getting a little lighter but it's growing on me! Lighting isn't the best, but I grabbed my son Chuck to snap both I take what I can get. He thinks I'm a dork. I tell him what it's for and he just says "whatever mom".

  Finally here's a shot of me and 'the man'. 5 days in Canada is coming not a minute to soon. This girl needs a vacation in a bad way! More pics of Canada and the race when I get home. Remember YOUR reason for training, be safe and have fun!

Live passionately!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Everybody knows.....

I love the new Dixie Chicks C.D., especially the song, Everybody Knows. It's one of those songs that speak directly to me. So revealing....You know what I mean, we all have one. This month will be 5 years since my husband passed away. I tell you, a lot is easier and an awful lot is harder. No 'whoa is me' just is what it is. Then I think about all I've got going.. I am engaged to a great guy (a multiple Ironman finisher & awesome athlete) I real previous mention, I wanted this to be my training blog, mine personally. But I'm consumed in deep thought this time of year. As I remove the last few pieces of my life’s shrapnel, it reminds me of the gentle and generous soul that has cleaned every wound. Completely selfless. I have been blessed 100 times over. He has forgiven every mistake, has not allowed me to walk away for any of my foolish reasons, and has re-enforced the value of commitment to someone who at times, has been deathly afraid of it. I know you're reading....Thank you. Now....Everybody Knows.

As long as I'm dishing out here.... got a new 'do' last weekend. RED... wasn't EXACTLY the shade I was looking for, but it's just hair and frankly, I'm feeling kind of sassy.....yeah, this is nice!

Went to spin this morning. Got there 15 minutes early and warmed up. It makes a huge difference to be warmed up prior to class starting. I feel like I get a real jump on it. Avg HR 139 for 1 hr, 20 min. Lots of good drills and leave dripping wet. I want to commit to outside riding, but my weekend list of chores can be overwhelming ( I know....who's isn't?) so for now....I'm good with this. It's improved my cardio capacity and endurance big time, and I've dropped those stubborn last few pounds! Hopped on the treadmill for 3 miles then stretched. Love that stretch!

Next Thurs. (Canada bound) is not coming soon enough. Isn't it the best to share and witness other's successes?! I get that feeling when I read your blogs. You inspire and make me to be better, be more.... Thank you! Now...Everybody knows.

Live Passionately!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Excuse me.....what time is it???

Lately I've had trouble remembering what day it is, let alone the time. Work is still wicked busy, Rob took a road trip to San Francisco last week (yeah...I worried), Chuck broke his left wrist On Mon.(broke the right wrist snowboarding last March) and I'm going on vacation in another week...Yeeeeehaaa! Bummer I can't wear the 'short timer' coat the week before vaca..just too much to get done.

Mike and I are going to Canada for Ironman. This is his big (and favorite) race. I haven't gone in a couple of years and I'm looking forward to it. It always amazes me at the collection of talented human beings at an Ironman race. Actually, Mike amazes me. You all work full time, manage sufficient training and recovery, as well as manage your life (do the trash cans go out today?) takes far more than I think I could manage. I love his passion for it. It is one of those healthy 'all consuming' addictions. Canada is such a beautiful country and it seems like the race brings out the best in people there. I fly home on a Tues. afternoon then leave Wed. morning for a national conf in San Antonio. It's only 3 days (which is nice) but it feels like as soon as you land, you're getting right back on the plane to leave. The time off before will be great.

Nothing earth shattering happening with training. I'm spinning and lifting as usual. Can't imagine my day beginning without it. It really does sustain me. Tomorrow is filled with a list of 'get ready for the week' kind of stuff, then countdown to vacation begins!!!

Enjoy your Sundays!


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Accidents Happen

Today was the first day in a long time that I woke up feeling good...really good. Alarm went off at 4:40, the coffee was going and it just didn't seem to be a struggle. I really like getting my workouts in before the rest of the world seems to wake up, so today made me appreciate the 'ease' of the morning that much more. Spin was very good. Decided to get smart and wear earplugs (am I getting old or what??) to block out the absolutely blaring music. Not so 'in my face' and much nicer. Avg HR 136 for 1 hour, 17 min. Peddled before and after class for a little extra time. Stretched and out the door.

My son Rob left this morning with a buddy for a 4 day road trip to San Francisco. They had asked if I'd let Chuck go and I said yes. Rob's friend is 20 they're all pretty good kids. I told myself to forget about worrying, it sounded like a good time. Last night they all decided to grab dinner. While they were out, Chuck tripped on an over-sized curb falling on his face and hand. Tooth went through his lip and yes...he broke his left wrist. Last Feb. he broke his right wrist while snowboarding. At lest he's switching hands! He said he was o.k. for the night with it wrapped. Came home after my workout, called the Dr. and went in for round 2. This time he decided he'd upgrade in color from the last cast (glow in the dark green) to classic black. So sophisticated! ;)

We Leave the Dr.'s office and do what every 16 year old wants to do. EAT. He called it...Mexican food. Good choice. Fill the prescription for a little pain killer, picked up the 12 pack of Sprite, then home to claim his rightful place on the couch. He's still snoozing away, poor fella. He's so grown-up. I want to take care of him but his only response is "Dude, mom....I'm cool". Go figure. Bet that'll change when it comes from the right girl! ;)

Watch your step!


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Life's Too Important To Be Taken Seriously

Isn't that the truth?? A good friend (of 25 years...YIKES!) Denise and her family threw a surprise 70th birthday party for her mom Ellie. Her family has been like my family. They have been a part of almost every important event in my life. Her nieces and nephews are the same age as my boys. I'm the younger and older 'sister' to her brothers and sisters..... It was a great time. Their family is from the east coast, so they flew LIVE lobsters and clam chowder in from Boston. We steamed those bad boys and I wish I had a picture of the table. Over 100 lobsters piled high and everyone went to it. We ate in the back yard under the palm trees and perfect starry 75 degree night. They had a slide show with pics from Ellie's birth to now, with a few of me thrown in. We've traveled a lot of road together, me and this family.
Whenever there's a 'crisis' (somebody’s car breaks down, a bathroom floods, the grill catches on fire) Ellie always came back with 'Life's too important to be taken seriously'. She'd pour a glass of wine, join you in a laugh or cry, then figure out a solution in such a 'what the hell' kind of way, that it no longer seemed like the end of your world. The older I get, the easier it is to do that...but I still have my days. ;)

Training (or not!) since last Wed.:

Thursday skipped spin..... wiped out.
Friday, lifted and felt 100% better
Saturday, spin 1 hour then 3 mile treadmill run.

Afterwards I met the ladies from my small group and had breakfast in Laguna Beach (a kind of artist's colony not far from me). Topped it off with friends and 'family' at the birthday party. The day could not have been better (except if Miguel was here). Doing my self imposed 'honey-do' list today and getting ready for the week.
Have a great week and enjoy your families...whoever they may be..

Live Passionately!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and the sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

Kahlil Gibran

I met with my women's small group bible study this morning. I'm so glad I did. There's 5 of us and it's such a great group of women. It's nice to meet with friends who genuinely care about each other. We all have those friends, and it's a beatutiful thing when we make the time to meet each week and renew that bond. The relationships we have...the ones that are truly precious to us, require investment. The more you love someone, the more it becomes your pleasure to invest. To give of yourself to build another up. Think of someone you love, then 'drop a dime in the box'. They're worth it.

This week has been wicked busy. Work has been non-stop and long hours everyday. Felt wiped out so I didn't go to spin on Tues. Lifted Monday and tonight, decided I had to leave work at a decent hour and a workout would do me good. After meeting the girls this morning, I went for an adjustment & deep tissue massage. I almost fell asleep on the table. It was awesome. Looking forward to hitting the pillow early and hard, then spin in the morning.

Stay cool and hydrated while you're all training in this heat.

Live passionately!