Sunday, April 30, 2006

Feelin Fine....Thank You!

Church this morning was know that feeling like you're the only one in the room and the message is just for you? Everything was crystal clear. Gotta love it. I brought my running stuff to church so I could leave from there (just in case I got home and never made it happen). No mental challenge today.... I was excited to hit the road. I've had this bottled up energy lately and it was nice to work it off. Ran to Corona Del Mar (beach) and back.

Didn't run the 12 miles I was aiming for....did 12.2! Did I have ya goin??! Felt pretty good until about mile 11. Nothing too horrible, just tired. The haze had burned off, it was a beautiful 73 and clear skies just like in the pic. Nice breeze to. I really need to show up for those group runs with the runnning club I joined. Now that's a mental challenge!! Am I really that tired after work, or I am just stubborn and want to run on my own terms? Probably a little of both ;) . I like the quiet time when I'm doing my own thing, but something's got to give if I want to log more miles. Darn.... it's that balance thing again! I don't know how you triathlete's do it.... I must sound like a big baby! ;)

Icing and eating. Everything I did on my last long run worked well, so repeating it today. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and go into the new week strong, blessed and thankful!


Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's Been a Hard Day's Night

My older son Rob celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday. The pic on the right was taken last summer when I took the kids to Europe. I know what you're thinking, & I am not money bags....we got an awesome deal on the trip. I thought it would be our 'last horah' together before they really move up and on with their own lives. Rob loves the Beatles and was more than happy to have his pic taken crossing Abbey Road. This was a tough trip.... and most of the time all that ran through my mind was "why on earth did I do this". Those of you with teenagers understand ;). Still, I don't regret it. Who knows if they'll ever make it back, and it was a great experience for them. I feel a little sad, and a little old, and a little thrilled that he has this whole world in front of him. What will he do? How will he take advantage of it? How will he leave his mark? YIKES...............

Went to the gym this morning about 9. That was strange...late for me. On the way the roads were filled with runners and cyclists. There was a huge (about 75) group ride and several smaller ones going. I love to see a big mass of cyclists. Very impressive I think. I hear somebody yelling 'princess' and ignore it.... finally glance over and it's my 4 riding buddies waiting for the signal to change. They're laughing at me, and ask when I decided I could just kick them to the curb. Funny boys... Explained my day to a lot of 'ya, ya, ya's ' and kept on going.
Ran 5 miles, lifted a little then core work. Boy... am I a creature of habit or what??? Would have loved to run/bike outside but had other things planned for the day and this sleepy girl didn't get up early enough to make it happen. I slept incredibley well....sound & deep. Lucky me.

Tomorrow off to church then home for a long run. Since I'm not officially starting my running training until Monday, I think I'll shoot for 12 miles and see how that feels. I've been putting in enough decent miles that I don't think it should a problem..... I said I don't think it should be ;). Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


Friday, April 28, 2006

Appreciate the Possibilities...

I'm starting to get a little freaked out. It's becoming unusually easy for me to get up @ 4:45.... I've always been a morning person, but lately I'm waking up even earlier just to look at the clock, see that I've got 20 more minutes, and doze off until the music plays to wake me.

I got to the gym and ran a little over 4 miles, felt very strong. No tired aches...just warm and fuzzy. finished & did some mat pilates work. I LOVE works your core like no tomorrow, stretches you, and gives me such a sense of balance. I crave balance.....

My favorite pilates toy is the magic circle....

I do this exercise almost everyday. Arms and legs up...then back down. All very slow, very controlled. Amazing how these simple looking things can pack such a punch. I plug away at this, realizing the benefits, appreciating the possibilities.... better health, stonger body, centered, balanced & at peace. Does it really do all that??? For me it does.

This time I spend in my skin has to count... oh, the possibilities!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Payin It Forward

Same ole... up @ 4:45 and to the gym. Just as I pull up and thought... 'this coffee is good to the last drop', no one was at the gym! I mean the receptionist that opens... wasn't there to open. You want to see a hornets nest?! Just come by my gym at 5:10 when the opening gal doesn't show.... there are half a dozen women huddled together in the parking lot deciding this girls fate once she does get there! I call my friend Brenda (the personal trainer), she's 2 minutes away and all will be well. Close call... not sure if anyone was gonna get hurt! ;) Ran 7 miles, @ 10:32 pace. Puttin in more miles (although no real plan) so decided Monday I'll start officially training for a half marathon. I can run the distance, but have always lacked a strong aerobic base. Why?.... becasue I never trained....with a plan anyway. hmmmmmmmm... I could be on to something here. Yes, I stretched and yes... I did ab and core work. Always do.

In my work, we have all kinds of logoed promotional the amazing ergonomic pen! We give this stuff away like candy. I gave a few to the trainers at the gym. The next day I'm giving Brenda a hard time and ask why she's not using "the pen".

She tells me one of her clients has a 15 year old daughter with Down Syndrome and she was refusing to write in school. Brenda gave her the pen and told her to give it a shot....if anything, it might be cool and she'll try. Donna reports back to Brenda that her daughter loved it ( mainly because she was the only one with a pen like that...gotta show those other kids up! ;) ..), so I brought in several more and left them at the front desk for her. I've seen Donna working out, but she comes in later and we've never talked or gotten the chance to get to know each other. Today Donna taps me on the shoulder, tears welling in her eyes and hands me this.... there's something in my eyes......

Don't you just love how that pay it forward thing works??? I give Brenda a goofy pen...she thinks of someone else and passes it on...I get to give a little more and very happy (writing) little girl. That's what it's all about... putting the other guy first, taking the time to think about someone else, and making the time to let them know they're worth it. not think I'm boasting, this is not about me. I just love that I got to be in on it. For me... that's the best!

And thank you all for paying it forward! I love reading your blogs. If sharing your experiences can make my road a little smoother, just think of those they effect that you never know about.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm On a Mission...

O.K., you know it's a great movie.... and yes.. it's come to this. They only do this kind of thing at nat'l sales meetings.... in Vegas. Wait until some unsuspecting woman walks through the door, grab her and take the shot. I remember feeling like a deer in headlights. Yes, this is part of my job. Can sometimes be fun, sometimes old quick...real quick, but I'm on a mission. As difficult as it can sometimes be, I give a lot to a comapany that has given a lot to me in return. 15 years later...pretty good thing we have goin. Sometimes I need to re-assess my mission. Work is such a small part of it.

No work out today. Met with the ladies for my small group bible study. Nice to catch up and send each other off with a prayer. Re-assess my mission....

Thought about getting on my treadmill (the one right next to my bed), and no, there aren't any clothes hanging on anyway ;) . But then I decided that to 'think about it' would be just fine. Rob, his girlfriend and Chuck were all in the living room watching The GodFather, so I threw out the magic question..."Anyone feel like sushi"? In the car and at the local sushi den in less than 10. It was everything I dreamed of and more....sushi-mmmmmm, spent time with the kids, get to torment the girlfriend a little and we all walk out the door happy, fat and laughing. These are the rare moments. The ones I've got to grab as they come. The mission is much clearer.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tough Day at The Office

Got to the gym @ 5:15 and ran 3 miles. Spent the rest of my time stretching... and stretching..and stretching (& a little core work ;) ). I love that warm, stretched out limber feeling. You know, the kind you can't get with 5 minutes worth. Aaaaaaaaah..........

Today would have been my 19th wedding aniversary. For some reason, this year it effected me differently. It was just a tough one. My older son Rob is turning 18 Friday and Chuck will be 16 next week. Having teens... sometimes it doesn't go by quick enough, and others you sit and wonder where the time flew. It's certainly not fun doing it alone. My page is turning... and I am ready for it.

Work was nuts. I had one of the strangest conversations with my manager. Just not professional... you know, when you sit there and wonder "how did this person get here?". Just plain stupid things. It stuck with me all day..the who said what about the other manager..... why are you telling me this???? Why do I allow it sink in?

Topped off the day with a birthday dinner for Judy, along with 3 other gals from the gym. Spent most of the time laughing instead of eating...probably better all the way around! ;)

Tomorrow is a new day. A fresh page....... I need it.


Monday, April 24, 2006

The Power of Patience


First day back to working out. Up at 4:50, grabbed my cup of joe and off to the gym. I love this time of day. Still dark (even with daylight savings time change) and everything's quiet. Peaceful. A time that I always feel 'good in my skin'. The moon was stunning. A crescent moon with a perfect star above it's upper left corner.

I found a new website: I've used Fitday in the past but I like this one much better. Basic Fitday is free, so that's a plus. GetFusionFit was free for 30 days. I entered my info and was scored an elite athlete! ;) That just means I workout most no means an elite athlete. O.K..... who paid them to tell me that? I get bored easily and place a lot of importance on mixing up my workouts, so this was great. Each day they send me an e-mail of my workout. I can print it out (instead of carrying my workout log through out the gym!) and go to town. It allowed me to customize the workouts as well. Very cool. Now if I can just harness the power of patience, I'll be set. I'm not quite sure if the restlessness with my workouts are a blessing or curse. But I'm there doin it everyday, now aren't I?

I hopped on the treadmill for 5 miles (easy pace) then completed the daily workout. It was much less than I usually do, so I'm wondering if I could be overdoing it just a tad...that effects progress and results. My goal is to get leaner.... and more patient in the process. ;)

Time off was wonderful, but nice to be back in the routine. Those familiar faces of women who mean business, who else would be at the gym by 5:15? Brenda was training someone, the gals on the staionary bikes laughing up a storm, the 2 friends working out in unison, and the new mom coming in for first time. Looks like it took everything she had to get there.

I think about this struggle between our goals and the power of patience.... to allow ourselves to reach them. Good?..... Bad?.....How about a little of both, for me anyways.

Hope your day was great!


Sunday, April 23, 2006

It Just Needs Time.....

2 cups of coffee, paper read, on the pc, then to church. Maybe a lazy afternoon and a movie, or window shopping. I know it's a "woman thing", but I could stroll through the mall all day. I also love hardware stores and REI, so please don't pass judgment too quickly! ;) Pulled a muscle in my neck over vacation and it's killing me. Every time I turn my head to one side...YOUCH! It just needs time.... it's so true, but I have trouble getting behind that way of thinking. I want it now...there......I've said it.

I want relief from this pain in my neck now, to know my kids are going to always be fine now, to lose this body fat now, and to reach my fitness goals now. Boy.... good thing church is today! ;)Sounds like a little adjustment is needed. Rented an awesome movie, . This is incredible and everyone should check it out!!! Went nuts cooking today. Made food for the week. Completed my own 'honey-do' list. Then it dawned on me, everything I do now, is getting me closer to my goals.

Got a call from a friend. Wife is leaving him. Reason... no boundaries. I can't stress how much I believe in them. Not a control issue, or over reacting.... just believe it's the right thing to do. He thought he was 'respecting' her space. She thought it should be no big deal that all of their friends were separate, or that she had a 'good friend' that was the opposite sex. When he questioned anything, her response was "What's your problem, your paranoid, nothing's going on". Sad........ Now I see a broken marriage and worse yet, someone's ability to trust has been shattered. That is a difficult thing to repair. He is broken...everything is broken. "It just needs time" will not apply here.

Got an e-mail from my riding guys... would I ride with them today? Explained the pain in my neck, don't think it's such a good idea. In fact... it's killing me. Maybe next weekend. Any suggestions to make this go away now? No, he tells me..... "It just needs time".

Have a great week!


Friday, April 21, 2006

"Argue Your Limitations"

Read this quote and loved it. Looked for the source but no luck....I love good quotes. Then I get hooked on reading about the author. What was their character? What did they put into this life? Eleanor Roosevelt is my favorite. What a strong Christian woman. Her faith, family and the value she placed in living as a conscious citizen should empower us all. Argue my limitations? Something to focus on....

Time off this last week was nice. Spend time with the ones I love, reconnect with what's really important. Eat.... did I mention eat? ;) Not much training but then again, was good to take a break.... get back to it stronger.

I create alot of my limitations, in fact... most of them. Don't we all? I'm tired...too much work... not enough time in the day (& no more for me thank you! If 24 hours aren't enough..I have bigger problems!). I'm always searching for ways to 'get my arms' around things. If something isn't working, how can I get it to? It's the searching... the journey. I kind of like it. It's a great thing when we face our perceived limitations, argue them and push through. To live in faith (all the time), get beyond a personal tragedy, run that extra few minutes, choose to eat healthy and maintain a lifestyle that reflects the same. The more I focus on them...these limitations, the smaller they become. Funny how that pans out, huh?

Be bigger, be stronger....get beyond it.

Limitations.... what limitations????

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Will You Please Sit Still!

One of the downfalls of being 'disciplined' is waking up at the crack of dawn even when you're on vacation. THAT IS NOT GOOD! Spend time in prayer....yes. Do some ab work...yes. Rest, really rest....maybe. Slow down......tough. What is the deal??? My personal mantra, no where to be found. In the last few days I have ate more pasta in as long as I can remember. Don't get me wrong...I'm not really consumed with my eating since I eat pretty clean most of the time ( but I do have a goal here!). It's that touch of 'what in the heck's wrong with me"? It's just that I'm a creature of habit...bad like. Off kilter...out of wack....

Then it dawned on me, I feel most balanced when I'm disciplined. That's o.k. isn't it? I don't have to be 'wired' like everyone else. It doesn't mean I can't sit still. I guess I've spent so many years caring for others, that my idea of balance is to be a little selfish.... take care of this 'temple' God has loaned me. Things are much easier for me now, so I take advantage of it every chance I get. Not living to impress anyone or try to be super woman...just pretty darned happy with my little balance.

Yeah, someday's are meant for sleeping in, or laying on the beach, or strolling through a museum. And I'll take myself up on those when I get the itch. Faith...yes. Passion.....yes. Content......yes. BALANCE...........workin on it!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Gone Fishin.....

Taking a much needed few days off... see you soon.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Enough, Is As Good As A Feast

Had trouble getting to sleep, but once I was there, out like a light! Got to the gym and hopped on the treadmill. I have to admit it's getting harder to run on it, and would rather be outside where the time flys and I can soak in the day. I'm so tired after work, it's tough for me to think of lacing up and hitting the road, so for now, I'll stick to the early morning workouts. Got on and felt tight... not stiff, or sore... just tight. Warmed up and went to town. Ran intervals: 2 min @ 5.5 mph / 2 incline, then 1 min @ 7 mph/2 incline. 45 min got me past the 5 mile mark. About 1 mile into it, I felt that familiar warm and fuzzy thing I was looking for. Legs warmed up and felt strong. Isn't it great...the better we are to our bodies, the more they love us back. Warm up... stretch... core work. We work hard, then reap the rewards with minimal pain and remarkable recoveries. When you think about it... it really is remarkable. What we demand from our bodies and how unselfishly it gives back.

Work was busy. Lots of driving.....stressful... high maintenance people. I live in 'The O.C.'. Live in a beautiful city and blessed with a nice home, but as I drive , all I can think about is 'when will it ever be enough?'. I was never one to aim for aquiring more stuff, and frankly doesn't appeal to me. Someone once asked me 'what's the one thing we'll never have?'. The answer was, 'enough'. Can you get to a place of contentment.... where you do have enough? What a great place that would be!

In the healthiest way, I wish everyone 'enough'. In your faith, your relationships, your work. To live it, is to be blessed ten fold in return. Got enough????


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Let's Keep it Down..........

Woke up and Peet was ready and that guy, always on time and is there just to make me happy. Got to the gym & nice to find it empty. Lot's of people taking a spring break vacation with the family. Ran 3 miles then lifted weights. Weighed in at lunch (WW) and no success story there. The needle didn't move!? I'll take it. These last few pounds are wearing (yes, I meant wearing) on me. I can't believe it's this tough... I've even thought of cardio twice a day, but then I smelled the either & came to my senses.

I met 2 new gals this morning. Oddly enough, neither of them completely healthy, and coming to the gym to 'feel like everyone else'. Stops and makes you think, huh? One is blind and the other has MS. Both very funny... very happy to be there...very alive. I'm constantly amazed. The things that irritate me, the things that don't 'go right'. Who am I? When those times rear their ugly head, maybe I should just keep it down. No actually, maybe I should ramp it up. Remember how much it can mean to someone just to have a conversation, to be included, to make them 'feel like everyone else'. Yeah .... in fact, it would be my pleasure.

Work was nuts...always is but that's not such a bad thing. The only problem is I'm sure there's a sign on my bumper that reads: GET ER!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. Whether you're going to Boston, or racing in your own backyard. Settle into having a great time, give it your best and make it fun!

Live Passionately!

Monday, April 10, 2006

If You Only Knew....

I saw this shot and it reminded me of my grandparents. They're both long gone, but had the greatest thing going. Couldn't keep their hands off each other...two people that chose to be in love for almost 70 years. Isn't that crazy??? Her secret? Drive him nuts! Don't you love it???? It was sooooo her.

Today was Mildred's birthday and I often think...if I only knew...
How long I would have her. How often we would share laughs. She would drench herself in my mistakes and bask in the joy of me finding my way(encouraging me to stumble every chance I could get). She was everything to me. We all have those people.Those gems that are the safest place in the world. My most intimate confidant. She was wild & fun, in that order. Always willing to say her peace, profess her faith (with an attitude) and welcomed everyone and everything different from her. She embraced diversity, defied the norm. What a rush! Her spirit inspires me.
Do I give it up for my kids??? Or will it wait for another day when someone's calling me know, that someone who's never to big for that all consuming long hug.

Ran 5 miles at a 9.35 pace... big leaps for this little girl. Did a lot of mat work. I must be crazy, but I love the feeling of core work...that deep ache that screams you're finding your center. Helps me in running. Tall and balanced. Need balance...need to welcome what's different, embrace diversity, live with attitude...defy the norm... yes... this is my fabric.

Recognize your fabric and grab it while you can!


Saturday, April 08, 2006

In the Moment....

One of my favorite places to be...but how come sometimes it's so hard to get there? I want to get/be there on my own terms. You know, not when someone else wants you to so they can pretend the past doesn't matter, or when your in a yoga class full of people and you just don't feel it, but someone is patiently trying to lead you there. Not their fault....I just wasn't heading that way.

Today I was in my moment and it was wonderful. Ran to the gym, went in and knocked out a few crunches, then back home. Put the IPod in shuffle mode and it played all the right stuff. When the dust settled, my partner (Garmin) told me I ran 8.25 miles round trip in 1:21 min. Wait a minute.... that works out to an under 10 min pace!! BIG stuff for me folks. Would like to run faster, and I'm sure it'll come, but I'm also absolutely content with what I do. Guess that doesn't make for a very good competitor, huh? I passed a lot of cyclists and runners. They all seemed to be in their moments... some completely focused (I LOVE that look), some grabbing deep for the power to keep going and finish this thing they've started, and the rest just out there doin their thing. Good time.

Here's to your moment (s). I'm hoping they're euphoric. Pinch yourself everyday. You are on a journey, raise your bar. You're fit, you're healthy and you're alive. It's good to be you!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Had To Add This!

I just read this on another blog and fell in love with it. Nice way to end a Friday, no?

With 10 NCAA Men's Basketball Championships to his name, Coach John Wooden's "Seven Keys to Life" are:
1. Be true to yourself.
2. Make each day your masterpiece.
3. Help others.
4. Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible.
5. Make friendship a fine art.
6. Build a shelter against a rainy day.
7. Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessing every day.

Are We There Yet?????

Today was one of those days.

Worked out (weights) this morning. I'm really liking how I've switched up my workout. I'm lifting just a little differently. A few more reps, a little less weight, a little slower. It's those small things... I love em!

Work was wicked. Say it ain't so!.....waaaaaaaa. My job is so mentally demanding sometimes...actually most of the time. People tell me they could never work out in the AM like I do, but I get home and I'm thinking that I could never work out in the PM! I am fried, tired. Lay down and play dead. I'm screaming...Chinese anyone? The hotter/spicier the better! Sooooooo destructive! ;)

Tomorrow I'm running to the gym (about 8 miles round trip), then to work for a few hours in the afternoon. Lot's of 'junk' to get handled. I'm not in the office much, but when I am and need to get things done, everyone's yackin at me and it seems impossible.

I'm bet'in you all had a wonderful's a beautiful thing!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good to The Last Drop

This morning came early...very early. It's been a long time since the alarm sounded and it was genuinely tough to get going. My best friend was firing up the Pete's (my favorite brew). That little cup of own personal fireplace..the 1st cup of joe. Got to the gym, plugged in the tunes and hopped on the treadmill. It was a little tough, running on the treadmill. I noticed the time dragged. Would this be a major problem?? No, I had a job to do. I've been thinking how I can change things, work out more efficiently. I'm likin the muscle confusion principle (I'm confused...!) and mixin up the running/interval work. I never post my 'stats' for fear someone out there is laughing up a storm...but here they are and I'm o.k. with them:

1:30 min @ 5 mph, 2% incline
:30 sec @ 6.5 mph, 5% incline
45 minutes total, 4.25 miles

Now, I know it's not earth shattering, but as I like to say "It is what it is".
Stretched and did some ab work. Doing my best to keep this girlish figure in check and stay fit. Here's to everyone making it a good day....everyday, and having enough in them to wake up and do it again tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just Water Thank You.....

Didn't post yesterday... my life is not quite that exciting. ;)
I do look to my favorites for inspiration and they've done the same??? I'm being robbed! Funny how you can get sucked into living vicariously through the devoted.

Yesterday was the usual.. in the gym @ 5:15 and lifted weights. GREAT workout (I know I say that a lot but I mean it!) I've done a little research on muscle confusion) and changed my workout. Feels great, but most important, DIFFERENT. I need that. Our bodies adapt quickly to whatever we're doing and this change is good....very good.

Today was my women's bible to feed that soul of mine. Busy day at work, but lunch time was the killer. Went to lunch with clients...sushi........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
LOVE it but once the ordering commenced (by a sushi newbie I might add) all the new wave stuff started to hit the table. Twice deep fried, saltly and things that should not be in any roll. I'm open to new things, but I was in sushi denial...How could this be?? Didn't do my usual (consume as much as possible until I can't get up) and after all the salt, thought I was going to explode. "Just water, thank you....more water"!

The good news to this story? Weighed in @ WW and lost 1 lb! It's a beautiful thing!!!! I love the small stuff. The small stuff is what matters. The good morning's, parden me, thank you, your welcome and take care. These are the threads that weave us together. In my world anyway....

Take care , live with passion & go easy on the salt!

Monday, April 03, 2006

No running?........ Who Says So?!?!

I woke up this morning and not a sore muscle/bone in my body! I am so excited, because I take this as a sign of my overall fitness improving. Yeah, I did the usual post run rituals, iced...ate and drank the right things...but I was REALLY concerned with how sore I'd be today. Low and behold, clean as a whistle Homer!

Sean fired me up to open the door (not the car) and get outside. Everyone get's a lift in different ways and I can be stubborn, but when someone writes that they basically don't know how anyone could stand to run on the 'dreadmill'....I'm thinkin, " can anyone stand to run on the treadmill?" So that could be me in the picture. Sign says no running???? I blow right by...laughing in the face of danger!

I know the time change can be tough for some (roosters like me) but even better for the evening runners. Get all the daylight you can. I joined a running club today. 2 nights a week, flexible runs, show up when you want. And guess what.....they run outside to!

Yes..I was at the gym at 5:15 today. Stretched and did a lot of ab work (gotta love it!) A+ for today...all the way around.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Chee Wha Wha!

Slept a little later with the time change, and woke up to a clear beautiful day. Strapped on the trusty Garmin, laced up and headed out. We have a lot of nice trails in Irvine and today I had plenty of company out there. Lot's of cyclist. Some intent and focused on whatever their training mission was, but most openly friendly, just enjoying the day. Just how I like it.

Decided I'd run a little longer than usual and when I hit the home-stretch with Casa De Deb's in view, I'd clocked 11.5 miles. Not only did the Garmin tell me, but my glutes did to. I Chee Wha Wha.......... walked in the door & blended up my favorite shake:
1 cup frozen mixed berries (get mine @ Costco)
water to cover
1 scoop protein
2 t flax seed oil
2 mini scoops powdered creatine/HMB
This always helps with my recoveries. I have 2 bags of frozen peas strapped to my legs...Ahhhhhhh..

I run in Nike Free's. I have 6 pairs and LOVE them. I understand they're a love or hate kindof shoe, and I may be in the minority here. I wear them for gym workouts to. It's strange...I have flat feet, and even though I'm starting to run longer distances, they are just my favorites. I'm sure I'll need more stability/cushion with increased running, but everytime I try on another pair of running shoes, they feel soooo bricks. Oh well, bigger problems I could have, huh?

Updating my IPod, pack my gym bag and re-group for another week.

Have a great one!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Turn the Page

This is my favorite picture of my boys and I. It's a couple of years old and this month they're turning 16 & 18. My husband passed away 2 weeks before 911, so they have lived some of their most formative years without their dad. Chuck & Rob. They're both great kids...times when they give me a run for my money, but isn't that what teenagers are supposed to do?

The other day a client was giving me a hard time that I'm always the 'sunshine girl'. I'll take that as a compliment...thank you very much.

Life has not been easy with lots of unexpected turns & challenges I never thought I could handle, let alone that they'd present themselves. I believe in choice. I am thankful for the opportunity to make a choice. To be healthy, to raise great kids, work & live with integrity. Have fun..get crazy. I am passionate about it. I understand the value of my life and relish what may seem the mundane and 'norm' for others. Since my husband passed, I've taken the boys to Hawaii, then Europe last summer. London & Paris...the perfect combo. A lot of good and not so good times. It's my job to love them, parent them and shower them with grace. Soon they'll be on their own. Finding their way, making choices and making mistakes. I love that I get to watch them grow into men. I'm turning the page. I hope I've done it all right....

This morning I woke up to was really coming down. I turned my cell on and listened to the message. "Deb, we're riding but it's not going to be pretty". I passed ( weak, huh?) rode on the trainer @ home then met the boys for coffee. They laughed and said they wished they had made the same decision. Hope for no rain tomorrow so I can run outside.

Have a great day...soak it passionately!