Sunday, October 29, 2006

Diggin Deep

Last Thurs. I had a little procedure done at the docs that required me to take a few days off. No worries... but isn't it wild how sometimes the only way we slow down is when we're forced to?

My running club had it's 3rd annual October Fest party last night. Judy was supposed to join me but bailed at the last minute. I decided to go anyway and had a great time. Lots of fast experienced runners and fun to find out what works for them. We all brought appetizers & a six pack of beer..sausages were on the BBQ. It was a beautiful 72 degree eve and perfect star filled sky. Nice to make some new friends to. Tomorrow I'm back to it.

I find myself having to dig deep lately. Feel like I'm going know, cave. My older son Rob has moved out. NOT GOOD. He's a senior in high school and 18. My rules are not his rules so we parted ways. No communication. Scares the hell out of me. Funny how many people begin to surface with either their own stories or stories of their kids. I just don't get it. Chuck...he's a gentle soul. Sweet, considerate and just trying to figure this whole 'growing up' thing out. I worry for both of them. That they are protected, or at least don't put themselves into any situations that will have a serious negative impact on their lives. I never imagined it would be like this. I find myself slipping into that familiar mode of survival...pray, run, spin, pray, workout like a mad woman. That is what's always kept me going. It's time to dig deep.

Live passionately!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Change it up.

What else would I do, right? I have training A.D.D.

This morning I got on the bike 15 minutes earlier to warm up and get a little 'extree' in before class started. 15 minutes into the class it started (I know...I'm a dork)...I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt. must be 'old age' but I have no patience. I decide enough & it's o.k. becausethe instructors always say, "it's YOUR class" ;). I quietly got off the bike (I was next to the door) with a good 40 minutes under my belt and went out to lift. "Not to bad" I'm thinkin... a little cardio, a little weights & core work.

A guy at the gym starts talking to me. He's in the spin class quite a bit as well. He tells me "I see you all over the place in here". I tell him I have training A.D.D. and he reminds me most trainers/training books will tell you to cross train and change things up. Well..well..well. I'm feelin o.k about this training routine of mine. It's not that I have no direction; I just like to be efficient. Get as much done as possible. The rest of the day belongs to work, my kids & just plain ol' life.

You all amaze me with your direction & dedication to your passions. I LOVE that about you! You inspire me to be MY best. I'm just one reason for you to keep posting. Thank you for sharing your personal journey's & your training experiences. It's like that big circle of life thing. We reap....we sow. Isn’t it beautiful?


Monday, October 23, 2006

Not a cloud in the sky!

  Pics from Portland, my second home (for now!).

It could not have been better. Mild temps and not a cloud in the sky. We took a little drive with Mikes mom Hatsu to beautiful Multnomah Falls. LOVE all that green!

Mike and the Queen Bee, Hatsu. She's a great lady!
  Posted by Picasa Here I am busy in the kitchen (and loving it!).

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tossin and Turnin...

I'm such a restless soul. I want...I don't want. I jump in with both feet then jump right back out. In the last few years I have definitely become a girl that does things on her own terms. Far less forgiving (mainly of myself) and much more focused on me. It has it's downfalls, but for the most part...I'm good with it. We can spend so much of our lives caring for those around us, that when we get to a place to focus on ourselves, others may feel a little robbed. If they really know and love us, they get it. Now...what to do with all this time?

I read and re-read all the books I have on training. Jump in....jump out. What's best, can I (and do I) want to make the time to do it right. I need to. Nah, I have nothing to prove and I'm happy to keep fairly fit and healthy. That doesn't make me 'sub' par does it? A slacker? This is all until the next time I see someone really fit and running with their head in the clouds. Yikes....the things that occupy the space between my ears!

Went to work for a few hours. Nice when the office is silent and I can get so much done. Heading to church then maybe a movie. Just me & the company is great. I think I could sometimes be scary to those that don't know me. ;)

Tomorrow I'll go for a run. How far...not sure. How long as I have the feelin. Life is good.

Live passionately!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Love that long weekend.

I went to Portland to see my man....quick flight, long weekend, beautiful weather (almost) everyday. Took my 16 year old Chuck and Mike's mom Hatsu to check out 'P' town for the first time. Hit Hawthorne (Jeff, check out Screen Door...great comfort food!), NW 23rd, the Japanese and Rose Gardens. We ate Sushi 3 or 4 times. Need I say more?! Nice weekend but I've got to be honest (& selfish) and say I wished it was just Mike & I. When you do this long distance thing, it's tough to share your rare time together, even if it is with family.

Checked out the New Seasons Market. I LOVE THAT PLACE! Weird, I get excited about a grocery store. This place has everything and if you love to cook, you can go wild. Hard to beat buying great food and cooking for the ones you love.

Got home last night. Took Mike's mom home. Picked up a few groceries. Packed my gym bag and collapsed. Woke up @ 5 with no problem. Off to the gym to weight train. When I'm gone, I get off track. I swear, I'm like a baby on a schedule. I have a routine, a groove and I know what works well for bed around 10 and up at 5. It's a beautiful thing. I feel in sync. Now if I could only get Mike to realize the beauty of that program all would be right. Think of that morning run he could get in...and the lunch time swim, just by getting a jump on it in the morning! See it?...see what I'm talking about??

The clock is ticking towards the time I roll up with my latest book to relax while I read away...waiting to reach the point when I drop the book & close my eyes and drift off. Have a warm, safe, peaceful night!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Calgon....take me away!

Haven't blogged since last Wed. since there was nothing exciting to report. I really have to sit down the the Garmin & figure the thing out. Had it for almost 2 years, but I'm the person that just keeps pushing buttons versus reading the instructions. What a concept! ;) Here's the training low down in my little world:

Wed: Spin 1 hour/ avg HR 146
Thurs: Club run/ 4 miles/ avg pace 11.4/ 46 min/avg HR 139
splits??? Need to read the damn book! :(
Fri: Spin 1 hour/avg HR 144
Sat: Club run/ 5.4 miles/ avg HR 150
Mon: Spin 1 hour/ avg HR 148
Tues: Lifted 60 min/ stretched and core 30 min

Boring...but at least I'm consistent!

Do you ever feel like you're just managing information? We move at such a fast pace that we rarely have (or make) the time to regain balance...get centered. Jobs get crazy, homes and family to care for. (Can I just say this single parent thing is for the birds! I don't know how all those young moms with little ones do it. Next time you're around a single mom or dad, open their door, let them know they're appreciated...tell them they look great. It may just be the thing that gets them through their day.) I'm always looking for what can seem like an elusive opportunity to get into my cocoon. Block out everything...focus so that the only sound I hear is my own heart, my breathing. Re-connect with the things that me. My faith, relationships and that great glass of red I've never tried ;). Slowing down, but not stopping. There it is (for me) every time I lace up or hop on that bike. What a lucky girl! ;)

Live passionately!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Taking a step back...

Now that I've been getting to spin almost everyday and running 2-3 nights a week with the club, I have a quiet sense of calm. Just a short time ago, I felt anxious if I didn't get a daily workout in. In fact, downright robbed. Sometimes I feel like there's a 6'4" person trying to break out of this 4'10" body, and all that energy has got to be spent. There's living to do!

This morning I met with my woman's group, so no spinning. Everything needs be in balance, right? Had a loaded day meeting 3 clients with out private banker, and got all 3 accounts! Thought about checking the gym schedule to hit a spin class tonight, but remembered there's always tomorrow (when I'll spin in the A.M. then run at night). That brand new bottle of vino was sitting on the counter begging me to open her up, sit back and enjoy. Yes, I'd be happy to do that!

Everyday priorities change...things happen. I need to make a habit of this.....taking a step back to look at the big picture. A place where my obsession's turn into passions. It makes life much easier to manage.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas....not a moment to soon!

I did most of the things you do when you go to Vegas...drank a little (very little really), stayed up late, gambled a little ($20 ha!)and came home. It is not my favorite place. Too much of everything. Smoke, gambling, food, drink. It's obviously paradise to many folks and I'm happy to let them keep it. I tried to convince myself it would be fun since it was 'the girls', but I'm just going to give in and say I'm not crazy about the place...

Got to spin this morning and had a great workout. I'd forgotten what it was like to have a really good instructor.
56 min
139 Avg HR

After work I met Judy for our Monday night club run.
4.6 miles
48 min
137 Avg HR

It's getting dark earlier now so I'm especially glad to have Judy running with me. We've had a rash of So Ca runners/cyclists hit over the summer so that's always a concern. PLEASE train safely as these shorter Fall & Winter days approach us! Make sure YOU ARE VISIBLE to everyone around you. Know your surroundings and train with a partner (especially the ladies) whenever possible. Your safety and health are not worth risking. Have a great week!