Friday, August 17, 2007

Come and get some!

Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama. Take a listen...I love this song, it kicks off every one of my runs.

Well next week Mike & I head to Penticton with our friends Steven & Karen for Ironman Canada. I fly to Portland and we drive from there. I'm excited about this years trip because the drive will be beautiful and the company fun. Karen and I will be waiting with camera's in hand for our men to cross the finish line.
Before almost every race, Mike seems to break down a little. He trains insanely hard, prepares better than anyone I've ever seen (with incredible discipline), but there's something about that post training, taper, pre race time that always seems to grab a hold of him. I'm thinking this is pretty normal. To approach a race like this with absolute confidence seems foolish as well. In the past I've tried to support him with words of encouragement, or suggesting some magical thing that I believe will remove some of that weight on his shoulders. Over the years I've learned it's better to back off & let him be...this is his journey, his race. One thing I'll never back off from is praying. I know without a doubt what carries us through each day, especially race day. He has a goal...did he train???does he want it....BAD?? Of course. Need a little help? All you got to do is ask. Take a knee and get some!

Here's to all the folks who'll be racing in Ironman Canada! Best of luck!!

Live passionately!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A standing date.

I bought memberships for the boys & myself to 24Hour Fitness Super Sport. Gotta love that towel service! I got a killer deal through work and the cost for all 3 of us is still less than my previous gym membership for me alone. Rob is picking up the $20 tab for himself and goes in between school & work. I'm covering Chuck and he's been hitting the gym with his buddies. What a great place for them to hang out, huh? The one morning I'm not able to make it is Wednesday's, so I figured I'd work on Chuck to make Wed eve our standing date. Work out with mom at the gym, grab dinner after.... he went for it. He's such a good kid and I'm already having a little separation anxiety from the idea of moving away from him next summer. Better 'get it' while I can! He just got his senior pic proofs in the mail and this is the shot that'll go in his yearbook, right along side of his very first school picture. O.K., it was pre-school, but school all the same. Where does time go? I have to point out the goatee he's so proud's blond and you have to look very hard, but it's there !

Weekly Workouts:

Monday: 30 min cardio(3.20 miles)/ 30 min weights-chest & back
(love the interval setting on the kicks me %#@!)

Tuesday: 45 min cardio( 4.75 miles)

Wednesday: 20 min cardio (2 miles)/ 30 min weights- legs

Thursday: 55 min cardio (5.5 miles)

Friday: 30 min cardio (3.50 miles)/ weights- arms & shoulders

Saturday: 60 min cardio (6.50 miles)

Sunday: Nike Running Club/ 5 miles - 49 min - 9.8 pace

Although I'd love to get together with you for a run or ride, dinner or a drink.... I'm not available Wednesday's. I have a standing date. ;)

Live passionately!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's what drives me...

This is too funny...A younger gal (23-24) @ work knows I work out every morning. She's married with 2 little girls and about 80 pounds overweight. She was venting about how exhausted she was and wondered how I get up everyday to do my thing. I reminded her that I do not have little ones, my man is 800 miles away, and I my 'honey-do' list is not even close to hers. I guess it doesn't help that her mom wasn't cutting her any slack, telling her it should be no problem. This gal points out her mom had 2 kids and was a homemaker. Long story short, these younger gals & guys have a lot on their plates. Work full time then go home to another full time job. I know I did it, (and mostly by myself) but it all seems so surreal now. Thank God! I explained that her mom probably just can't relate. She then makes the comment that it's because her mom is "just getting old". How old I ask. How about 43! I just turned 47... I walked away.

During the conversation she asked "What drives you". It got me thinking and these were my answers:

1. Faith and grace (in that order)

2. Appreciation & respect for my health (who's to say how long we'll enjoy it!)

3. Unconditional love (receive and give)

4. Seeing my kids make mistakes (and learn from them)

5. Getting to the place where life's little bumps are just that... little bumps.

6. Staying focused, passionate and centered. Some how, I can emotionally afford it much more now than when I was 23.

Weeks workouts:
Wed: 8 min cardio/ 30 min weights. Not feelin it...
Thurs: 45 cardio
Fri: 30 min cardio/30 min weights
Sat: 60 min cardio/20 min weights
Sun: 6.8 mile run (Cancer Charity run) 8.82 pace/ 1 hour (all on a track)
2 mile jog walk with Nike group

Think about what drives you. I'm sure it will make you grateful & proud. You should be! ;)

Live passionately!